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1988 Election Results

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Minnesota Secretary of State - Elections
1988 Minnesota Presidential and Congressional Results
Key to Party Identification
Governor Michael Dukakis (DFL) Vice President George H. W. Bush (IR) ex-U.S. Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy (Pr), ex-U.S. Rep. Ronad E. "Ron" Paul (L), James Mac Warren (SW), Jack Herer (GR), Lenora B. Fulani (NewA), Lyndon H. LaRouche (NER), St. Rep. David E. Duke (Pop), Delmar Dennis (A), Edward Winn (WL), write-in
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: Democratic,
Hubert H. "Skip" Humphrey III (DFL) Dave Durenberger (IR) Polly Mann (Pr), Derrick P. Grimmer (GR), Arlen Overvig (L), Wendy Lyons (SW), write in,
1st Congressional District
Timothy J. "Tim" Penny (DFL) Curt Schrimpf (IR) Craig Honts (SW), write in
2nd Congressional District
Doug Peterson (DFL) Vin Weber (IR) write in
3rd Congressional District
Dave Carlson (DFL) Bill Frenzel (IR) write in
4th Congressional District
Bruce F. Vento (DFL) professor Ian Maitland (IR) Natasha Terlexis (SW), write in,
5th Congressional District
Martin Olav Sabo (DFL), Raymond C. Gilbertson (IR) T. Christopher Wright (GR), write in
6th Congressional District
Gerry Sikorski (DFL) Ray Ploetz (IR) write in
7th Congressional District
Marv Hanson (DFL) Arlan Stangeland (IR) write in
8th Congressional District
James L. Oberstar (DFL) Jerry Shuster (IR) write in,

1. Key to Party Identification.
(A) = American party
(DFL) = Democratic Farm Labor Party - Affiliated with the Democratic Party
(GR) = Grassroots Party
(IR) = Independent-Republican Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NER) = National Economic Recovery Party
(NewA) = New Alliance Party
(Pr) = Progressive Party
(WL) = Workers League
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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