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1988 Election Results

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Pennsylvania Department of State - Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation
1988 Pennsylvania Presidential and Congressional Results
Key to Party Identification
Governor Michael Dukakis (D) Vice President George H. W. Bush (R) ex-U.S. Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy (Con), ex-U.S. Rep. Ronad E. "Ron" Paul (L), Lenora B. Fulani (NewA), St. Rep. David E. Duke (Pop), Edward Winn (WL),
Joe Vignola (D) John Heinz (R) Darcy Richardson (Con), Henry Haller, III (L), Samuel Cross, Jr. (Pop), Sam Blancato (NewA),
1st Congressional District
Thomas M. Foglietta (D) William J. O'Brien (R)
2nd Congressional District
William H. Gray III (D) Richard L. Harsch (R)
3rd Congressional District
Robert A. Borski (D) Mark Matthews (R)
4th Congressional District
Joseph P. "Joe" Kolter (D) professor Gordon R. Johnston (R) Erich L. Kaltenhauser (Pop)
5th Congressional District
Donald A. Hadley (D) Richard T. Schulze (R)
6th Congressional District
Gus Yatron (D) James R. Erwin (R) Louis R. Perugini, Jr. (I)
7th Congressional District
David Landau (D) Curt Weldon (R)
8th Congressional District
Peter H. Kostmayer (D) Ed Howard (R) Donald C. Ernsberger (L)
9th Congressional District
Bud Shuster (D, R) Bud Shuster (R, D)
10th Congressional District
Robert C. Cordaro (D) Joseph M. McDade (R)
11th Congressional District
Paul E. Kanjorksi (D) No Republican
12th Congressional District
John P. Murtha (D) No Republican
13th Congressional District
Bernard Tomkin (D) Lawrence Coughlin (R)
14th Congressional District
William J. Coyne (D) Richard Edward Caligiuri (R)
15th Congressional District
Ed Reibman (D) Ron Ritter (R)
16th Congressional District
Ernest Eric Guyll (D) Robert S. Walker (R)
17th Congressional District
George W. Gekas (D, R) George W. Gekas (R, D)
18th Congressional DistrictCongressional
Doug Walgren (D) John A. Newman (R) James J. Bailey (Pop)
19th Congressional District
Paul E. Ritchey (D) William F. Goodling (R)
20th Congressional District
Joseph M. Gaydos (D) No Republican Richard W. Wilson (Pop)
21st Congressional District
George R. H. Elder (D) Thomas J. "Tom" Ridge (R)
22nd Congressional District
Austin J. Murphy (D) William Hodgkiss (R)
23rd Congressional District
Howard Shakespeare (D) William F. "Bob" Clinger, Jr. (R) William Smolik (Pop)

1. Key to Party Identification.
(con) = Consumer Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidate
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NewA) = New Alliance Party
(Pop) = Populist Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WL) = Workers League Party

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