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Idaho Secretary of State - Election Division
1998 Idaho Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Filing Deadline: April 3, Primary: May 26,
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties
Governor, Phil Batt (R) retiring after 1st term, 52% in '94
Stu Rothenberg's prediction: Safe Republican, Campaign & Election's prediction: Republican favored 1:3, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 77% Republican
ex-St. Supreme Court justice Robert C. Huntley (D), Jack Wayne Chappell (D), Donald McMurrian (D), Dr. William G. Tarnasky (D), U.S. Sen. Dirk Kempthorne (R), perennial candidate David Shepherd (R), Peter Rickards (I),
Lt. Governor
St. Sen. Sue Reents (D), Cheri L. Erwin (D), C.L. "Butch" Otter (R), Alan Stroud (T),
Attorney General
Lincoln Co. Prosecutor Brit Groom (D), Alan G. Lance (R),
Secretary of State
ex-Ketchum Mayor / newspaper publisher Jerry Seiffert (D), Pete T. Cenarrusa (R), attorney T. J. Angstman (L),
Controller / Auditor
J.D. Williams (D), accountant Ron Pollock (R), Harold A. Orien (R),
Treasurer, Lydia Justice Edwards(R) retiring
No Democrat St. Rep. Ron G. Crane (R), Barbara Lois Bauer (R), Trudy J. Jackson (R), Latham Williams (Rfm)
Superintendent of Schools
School Principal Marilyn Howard (D), Richard L. Adams (D), Wally Hedrick (D), Anne C. Fox (R), Ron Black (R), Ryan Kerby (R), Tom Morley (R),
Senator, Dirk Kempthorne (R) running for Gov., 56.5% in '92, 1st term
Stu Rothenberg's prediction: Safe Republican, Charles Cook's prediction: Safe Republican, Roll Call's prediction: Safe Republican, Campaign & Election's prediction: Republican favored 1:4, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 90% Republican
ex-party chair Bill Mauk (D), U.S. Rep. Michael Crapo (R), unemployed window washer Matt Lambert (R), George J. Mansfeld (NL),
1st Cong. District, 50.0% in '96, 2nd Term, might retire in '00
Charles Cook's prediction: Lean Republican, Roll Call's prediction: Toss Up, Campaign & Election's prediction: Republican favored 2:3, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 50% Republican
'96 nominee Attorney Dan Everett Williams (D), Helen Chenoweth (R), Jim Pratt (R),
2nd Cong. District, 68.8% in '96, Michael Crapo, (R) running for U.S. Senate after 3rd term
Charles Cook's prediction: Lean Republican, Roll Call's prediction: Toss Up, Campaign & Election's prediction: Republican favored 1:1, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 50% Democrat
ex-U.S. Rep. Richard H. Stallings (D), St. House Speaker Mike Simpson (R), St. Rep. Mark D. Stubbs (R), ex-St. Sen. Ann Rydalch (R), St. Sen. Dane Watkins (R), Jonathan Bradford Ratner (NL),

1. Key to Predictions: Roll Call,
The Cook Political Report,
The Rothenberg Political Report,
Campaign & Election Magazine,
D.C.'s Political Report

2. Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races. Blue boxes indicates winner. Red print indicates change in party control.

3. Key to Party Identification.
(D) = Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(T) = U.S. Taxpayers Party (American Heritage Party)
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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