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New Mexico Secretary of State - Bureau of Elections
1998 New Mexico Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Filing Deadline: February 10, Primary: June 2,
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties
Governor, 49% in '94, 1st term
Stu Rothenberg's prediction: Toss Up, Campaign & Election's prediction: 1:1, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 50% Democrat
Albuquerque Mayor Martin J. Chávez (D) 48%, ex-Gov. Jerry Apodaca (D) 10%, St. Auditor Robert E. Vigil (D) 6%, ex-NM Appeals Court Judge Ben Chavez (D) 2%, St. Rep. Gary K. King (D) 30%, ex-asst. Att. Gen. Reese Fullerton (D) 3%, Frances Salas (D/WI) 0%, Gary E. Johnson (R), George E. Smith (G), businessman / engineer Robert West (I/WI),
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov.,
businesswoman Diane D. Denish (D) 51%, Sec. of St. Stephanie Gonzales (D) 49%, Walter D. Bradley (R) Marcia Carter (G) 60%, Alexandra Lorraine (G) 40%,
Attorney General, Tom Udall (D) running for Congress,
ex-Lt. Gov. / ex-state district judge Patricia A. Madrid (D) 40%, Stuart M. Bluestone (D) 21%, Patrick V. Apodaca (D) 22%, Marian Matthews (D) 17%, attorney David C. Iglesias (R) John McCall (G)
Secretary of State, Stephanie Gonzales (D) ran for Lt. Gov.,
ex-Sec. of St. Rebecca Vigil-Giron (D) 51%, Letitia Montoya (D) 21%, Frances A. Porterfield (D) 29%, St. Sen. Dianna J. Duran (R) Steve E. Cabiedes (G)
Michael A. Montoya (D) Lorenzo G. Garcia (R)
Auditor, Robert E. Vigil (D) running for Gov.
Domingo P. Martinez (D) 62%, Dirk Houtman (D) 38%, No Republican computer technician Richard E. Haley Jr. (G)
Commissioner of Public Lands
Ray Powell (D) No Republican Sam Hitt (G), Maurice McDonald (L)
1st Cong. District, 54.9% in '96, Steven Schiff, (R) was died after 5th Term due to squamous cell carcinoma, Wilson won special election with 45%,
Charles Cook's prediction: Toss Up, Roll Call's prediction: Leans Republican, Campaign & Election's prediction: Republican favored 8:9, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 50% Republican
St. Sen. Philip J. Maloof (D) 75%, b-man Gary A. Van Vanlin (D) 25%, St. Human Service Dept Sec. Heather A. Wilson (R) 62%, '96 independent candidate Betty Turietta-Koury (R) 4%, St. Sen. William F. Davis (R) 30%, Alan Wilson (R)3% Prof. Robert L. Anderson (G), Retired Army Sergeant Orlin Cole (WI), Bruce Bush (L),
2nd Cong. District, 56% in '96, 9th term, Skeen has Parkinson's disease
Roll Call's prediction: Likely Republican, Campaign & Election's prediction: Republican favored 1:2, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 77% Republican
'96 nominee /ex-St. Rep. E. Shirley Baca (D) 64%, St. Sen. Mary Jane M. Garcia (D) 36%, Joe Skeen (R),
3rd Cong. District, 43% in '97 special, 1st term, 67.4% in '96 for Bill Richardson (D)
Charles Cook's prediction: Toss Up, Roll Call's prediction: Toss Up, Campaign & Election's prediction: 1:1, D.C.'s Report's prediction: 77% Democrat
Att. Gen. Tom Udall (D) 44%, farmer Carol W. Cloer (D) 4%, attorney Eric Treisman (D) 1%, AZ S. Ct. Justice Tony Scarborough (D) 5%, '97 Special nominee Eric P. Serna (D) 36%, Patricia A. Lundstrom (D) 3%, St. Sen. Roman M. Maes III (D) 6%, attorney Francesca Lobato (D) 2%, Bill Redmond (R) 100%, Padraig Lynch 0% health care advocate Carol A. Miller (G), businessman Robert West (WI),

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2. Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races. Blue boxes indicates winner. Red print indicates change in party control.

3. Key to Party Identification.
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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