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District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics
2000 District of Columbia Democratic Presidential Primary Results
May 2, 2000
Al Gore 96%
Lyndon LaRouche 4%
2000 District of Columbia Republican Presidential Primary Results
May 2, 2000
George W. Bush 72.8%
John McCain 24.3%
write in 2.9%

2000 District of Columbia Congressional and City wide Primary Results
September 12, 2000
Two D.C. Council At-Large Seats
Next election in 2000
Harold Brazil (D) 93.4%, write in 6.6%, Don Folden, Sr. (D) withdrew, Carol Schwartz (R) 97.1%, write in 2.9%, Arturo Griffiths (DC) 92.6%, (DC) write in 7.4%, Mathew Mercurio (L), Rahim Jenkins (U), ex-GOP candidate Chris Ray (I), Daphne M. McBryde (I),
Delegate to Congress, 89.6% in '98
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 90% Democrat, Congressional Quarterly's ranking: Safe Democrat,
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) Edward H. Wolterbeek (R) Robert D. Kampia (L), '98 Mayorial nominee / '92 & '96 nominee / transit worker Sam Manuel (SW), Faith (I), Elijah Gatewood (I),
Shadow Senator
Florence Pendleton (D) 96.5%, write in 3.5%
Shadow Representative, Thomas E. Bryant, Jr. (D) not seeking re-election
Ray Browne (D) 95.3%, write in 4.7% Joyce Saucier (R) Martin Thomas (DC) 92.9%, (DC) write in 7.1%, Kalonji T. Olusegun (U) 92.4%, (U) write in 7.6%,

3. Key to Party Identification.
(D) = Democratic Party
(DC) = D.C. Statehood Green Party - Affiliated with the Green Party
(G) = Green Party - In a Coalition with D.C. Statehood Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(U) = Umoja Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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