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Florida Department of State - Division of Elections
2000 Florida Democratic Presidential Caucuses Results
March 14, 2000
Al Gore 81.8%
Bill Bradley 18.2%
2000 Florida Republican Presidential Primary Results
March 14, 2000
George W. Bush 73.8%
John McCain 19.9%
Alan Keyes 4.6%
Steve Forbes 0.9%
Gary Bauer 0.5%
Orrin Hatch 0.2%

2000 Florida Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
September 5, 2000
Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner
St. Rep. John Cosgrove (D), St. Education Commissioner Tom Gallagher (R)
Education Commissioner
ex-St. Rep. George Sheldon (D) 71.8%, St. Rep. James Bush III (D) 28.2%, ex-St. Sen. /'98 U.S. Senate nominee Charlie Crist (R) Vassilia Gazetas (I)
Senator, 70.5% in '94, Connie Mack (R) retiring after 2rd term, Next election in 2000
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 63% Democratic, Roll Call's Outlook: Toss Up, Campaign & Election's Odds: 12:11 Democrat, Congressional Quarterly's ranking: No Clear Favorite, Stuart Rothenberg's rating: Vulnerable Republican, Cook Political Report's overview: Toss Up, Hotline Scoop's Senate ranking: 2nd Most Likely to Turn Over,
St. Ins. Comm'r / Ex-U.S. Rep. Bill Nelson (D) 77.6%, ex-Opa Locak City Manager / '98 St. Comptroller nominee Newell Jerome Daughtrey (D) 11.8%, attorney David B. Higginbottom (D) 10.6%, U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum (R) 81.1%, Hamilton Allen Smith Bartlett (R) 18.9%, ex-GOP/ex-U.S. Rep. Joel Deckard (Rfm), architect Joseph Rocco "Joe" Simonetta (NL), attorney Andy Martin (I), Democratic St. Rep. Willie F. Logan (I), consultant Darrell L. McCormick (I), web publisher / auditor / Nikki Morgan Oldaker (I), Olen C. Faulk (WI), attorney / political humorist Richard Grayson (WI), Brian Heady (WI), garment worker Argiris Malapanis (SW, WI),
1st Congressional District
Mark S. Coutu (WI) Joe Scarborough (R) 77.4%, Bob Condon (R) 22.6%, David R. "Dave" Blue, III (WI), businessman Fred Hoole (Rfm, WI), ice rink manager Dudley Wiley (WI),
2nd Congressional District
F. Allen Boyd Jr (D) repairman Doug Dodd (R) Thomas A. Frederick (WI), Susan Morrow (WI),
3rd Congressional District
Corrine Brown (D) Lt. Commander (retired) Jennifer Sandra Carroll (R), Carl Sumner (WI)
4th Congressional District
businessman / ex-teacher Tom Sullivan (D) 62.2%, attorney Kevin Schaun Sanders (D) 37.8%, ex-St. Sen. President Ander Crenshaw (R) 69.6%, businessman Dan Quiggle (R) 30.4%, Deborah Katz Pueschel (I), Vince W. Ray (WI),
5th Congressional District
Karen L. Thurman (D) Peter C. K. "Pete" Enwall (R) 51.4%, college professor / '92 congressional candidate / '94 Reform party Lt. Governor candidate James Henry "Jim" King (R) 48.6%, Don Johnson (WI)
6th Congressional District
businessman Timothy "Tim" Clower (WI) Clifford B. "Cliff" Stearns (R) Barbara Elliott (WI),
7th Congressional District
Daniel Vaughen (D) John L. Mica (R) Norman E. Nelson (WI)
8th Congressional District
Ex-Orange County Chair Linda Chapin (D) St. Rep. William E. "Bill" Sublette (R) 43.4%, attorney Richard Anthony "Ric" Keller (R) 31.0%, businessman Bob Hering (R) 25.6%, '98 write in candidate Clay O. Hill (WI), '98 Reform party nominee Charles L. "Charlie" Klein (Rfm, WI),
9th Congressional District
No Democrat Michael Bilirakis (R) retired journalist Jon Scott Duffey (Rfm), Marie Ospina (WI),
10th Congressional District
No Democrat C.W. "Bill" Young (R) Josette Green (NL), Randy Heine (I), James A. Sauer (WI),
11th Congressional District
Jim Davis (D) No Republican Charlie Westlake (L), Kay M. Sauer (WI),
12th Congressional District
car dealer Mike Stedem (D) St. Rep. Adam Hughes Putnam (R) insurance salesman Don Kennedy (WI), Rubye Harrison (WI),
13th Congressional District
Salvation Army human services manager Daniel E. Dunn (D) 73.8%, physical therapist Robert Salzberg (D) 26.2%, Dan Miller (R) Gary Harrison (WI), pest control salesman / conspiracy theorist Frank R. Vecchio (WI),
14th Congressional District
No Democrat Porter Johnston Goss (R) Sam Farling (NL), Sandy Saylor (WI),
15th Congressional District
St. Sen. Patsy Gephardt Kurth (D) David J. Weldon (R) businessman / reform party activist Gerry Newby (I), Edward S. Winsor (WI),
16th Congressional District
businesswomean Jean Elliot Brown (D) Mark Adam Foley (R) banker John McGuire (Rfm), Reform party member Bob Bitowft (WI),
17th Congressional District
Carrie P. Meek (D) No Republican Bill Barchers (WI), garment worker Michael Martinez (SW, WI),
18th Congressional District
No Democrat Ilena Ros-Lehtinen (R) Sheila K. Mullins (WI)
19th Congressional District
Robert Wexler (D) construction company executive / accountant Morris Kent Thompson (R)
20th Congressional District
Peter Deutsch (D) No Republican Ed Kopanski (WI)
21st Congressional District
No Democrat Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R) attorney George Maurer (WI)
22nd Congressional District
St. Rep. Elaine Bloom (D) E. Clay Shaw, Jr. (R) bondsman Orin Opperman (WI)
23rd Congressional District
Alcee L. Hastings (D) Bill Lambert (R) Frances L. Faulk (WI), Charles Laurie (WI),

2000 Florida Congressional Primary Run-off Results
October 3, 2000
8th Congressional District
Ex-Orange County Chair Linda Chapin (D) attorney Richard Anthony "Ric" Keller (R) 51.9%, St. Rep. William E. "Bill" Sublette (R) 48.1%, '98 write in candidate Clay O. Hill (WI), '98 Reform party nominee Charles L. "Charlie" Klein (Rfm, WI),

Key to Party Identification.
(D) =
Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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