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Missouri Secretary of State - Elections

2000 Missouri Democratic Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Al Gore 64.6%
Bill Bradley 33.6%
uncommitted 1.3%
Lyndon LaRouche 0.3%
Pat Price 0.2%

2000 Missouri Republican Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
George W. Bush 57.9%
John McCain 35.3%
Alan Keyes 5.7%
Steve Forbes 0.4%
uncommitted 0.3%
Gary Bauer 0.2%
Orrin Hatch 0.2%
Lawrence Hornung 0.0%

2000 Missouri Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
August 8, 2000
Governor, 57.1% in '96, 2nd term, Next election in 2000, Mel Carnahan (D) barred from 3rd term
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 50% Republican, Rothenberg Report: Toss Up, Campaign & Election's Odds: 1:1, Congressional Quarterly's ranking: Leans Democrat,
St. Treasurer Bob Holden (D) U. S. Rep. James M. Talent (R) 84.4%, businessman / religious activist Elgar Macy (R) 5.9%, Jennie Lee "Jen" Sievers (R) 9.7%, D. Day (R) removed from ballot, John M. Swenson (L) 60.1%, '98 congresssional nominee Richard E. "Dick" Illyes (L) 39.9%, Lavoy Reed (G), Richard L. Smith (C), '98 Taxpayer Congressional candidate Joseph C. Keller (Rfm) 31.0%, coast guard retiree / '96 Republican Congressional nominee Richard Allen Kline (Rfm) 42.6%, realtor / developer Kent A. Benson (Rfm) 26.4%, minister Larry Rice (I),
Lt. Governor, Next election in 2000, Roger Wilson (D) retiring and might run for Congress
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 50% Republican,
St. Sen. Joe Maxwell (D) 56.1%, St. Rep. Maj. Ldr. Gracia Yancey Backer (D) 24.1%, Catherine Powell (D) 19.8%, ex-U.S. Rep. / ex-St. Treas. Wendell Bailey (R) 57.2%, St. Charles Co. Exec. / ex-St. Rep. Joe Ortwerth (R) 42.8%, Phillip W. "Phil" Horras (L), Ben Kjelshus (G), Bob Wells (C), ex-St. Rep. / '98 St. Auditor nominee George D. "Boots" Weber (Rfm),
Attorney General, Next election in 2000
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 77% Democratic,
Jeremiah W. "Jay" Nixon (D), ex-st. tax comm'r / ex-judge / ex-prosecutor Sam Jones (R), '94 / '96 Congressional nominee Mitch J. Moore (L), catholic nun Mary Ann McGivern (G),
Secretary of State, Next election in 2000, Rebecca "Bekki" Cook (D) retiring
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 63% Democratic,
St. House Speaker Steve Gaw (D) 53.5%, truck driver James J. Askew (D) 46.5%, St. Rep. / son of U.S. Rep. Matt Blunt (R) 76.0%, Raymond W. Peterman (R) 11.7%, Robert J. Crump (R) 12.3%, Jane Spence Southard (L), Paula Elias (G), Donna L. Ivonovich (C), realtor / ex-teacher Marvalene Pankey (Rfm) 56.3%, Arnie C. Dienoff (Rfm) 43.7%,
Treasurer, Bob Holden (D) running for Governor, Next election in 2000
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 63% Democratic,
ex-St. Rep. Nancy Farmer (D) 47.2%, St. Rep. Brian H. May (D) 31.8%, St. Rep. Scott Lakin (D) 21.0%, Platte Co. prosecuter Todd Graves (R) 77.3%, Chester "Chet" Boeke (R) 22.7%, computer programmer Arnold J. Trembley (L), Ray VanLandingham (G), Kerry Culligan (C), ex-city alderman Terrence D. "Terry" Frank (Rfm),
Gov. Mel Carnahan (D) 78.2%, Ronald William Wagganer (D) 21.8%, John Ashcroft (R) 89.5%, computer software programmer / 1998 7th Congressional District Democratic nominee Marc Perkel (R) 10.5%, '92 / 98 Congressional nominee Grant Samuel Stauffer (L), Evaline Taylor (G), ex-Libertarian / truck driver /racist Martin Lindstedt (Rfm) 24.5%, businessman Hugh Foley (Rfm) 39.4%, ex-contractor James Mason Hall (Rfm) 36.0%,
1st Congressional District
St. Sen. William L. "Lacy" Clay Jr. (D) 60.6%, St. Louis Co. Councilman Charles "Charlie" Dooley (D) 27.5%, Steven G. Bailey (D) 2.0%, Joe Mondrak (D) 0.9%, St. Louis School Board member William "Bill" C. Haas (D) 2.8%, attorney Eric Erfan Vickers (D) 6.2%, ex-deputy city comptroller Z. Dwight Billingsly (R) 70.1%, '98 nominee / postal worker Richmond A. Soluade, Sr. (R) 29.9%, '96 nominee / '98 U.S. Senate nominee Tamara A. Millay (L), Brenda Reddick (G), Robert Penningroth (Rfm),
2nd Congressional District
St. Sen. Ted Clint House (D) St. Rep. W. Todd Akin (R) 25.9%, pilot Jackie Carl Jackson (R) 8.6%, St. Sen. Francis E. "Franc" Flotron Jr. (R) 21.5%, '80 U.S. Sen. nominee / St. Louis Co. Exec. Gene McNary (R) 25.8%, congressional aide Barbara J. "Barb" Cooper (R) 18.3%, '92 nominee James Higgins (L), Mike Odell (G), gynecologist Richard J. Gimpelson (Rfm),
3rd Congressional District
Richard A. "Dick" Gephardt (D) '98 nominee / author / historian Willliam J. "Bill" Federer (R) 88.9%, George Simpson (R) 11.1%, '96 / '98 nominee / carpenter Michael H. Crist (L) 62.6%, marijuana activist Jeff Christen-Mitchell (L) 37.4%, Mary Maroney (G), Anthony J. "Tony" Windisch (Rfm),
4th Congressional District
Ike Skelton (D) ex-St. Sen. / '94 nominee James Alfred "Jim" Noland Jr. (R) 62.5%, contractor Bob Brown (R) 37.5%, marine veteran Thomas L. "Tom" Knapp (L), James Edward Rinehart (Rfm),
5th Congressional District
Karen McCarthy (D) 85.4%, cook Charles Lindsey (D) 14.6%,assistant pastor Stephan J. "Steve" Gordon (R) 45.8%, electrician Chester "Chet" Southworth (R) 21.4%, businessman Walter Wright (R) 32.9%, child counselor Alan Newberry (L), Charles Reitz (G), Dennis M. Carriger (Rfm),
6th Congressional District
ex-St. Sen. Steve Danner (D) 56.0%, Buchanan Co. Comm'r Tom Mann (D) 17.6%, Platts Co. Recorder of Deeds Ida Cox (D) 10.7%, ex-St. Rep. / Clay Co. revenue collector Sandra Lee Reeves (D) 15.7%, St. Sen. / ex-St. Rep. Samuel B. "Sam" Graves, Jr. (R) 68.1%, Kansas City councilmember Teresa Anne Loar (R) 16.9%, John Dady (R) 2.5%, investment banker / '96 / '98 nominee Jeff Bailey (R) 10.4%, computer programmer Jack C. DeSelms (R) 2.0%, Jimmy Dykes (L)
7th Congressional District
Charles Christrup (D) Roy Blunt (R) 86.3%, real estate broker / '96 / '98 Libertarian nominee James M. "Mike" Harman (R) 13.7%, '94 nominee Doug Andrew Burlison (L), contractor Ron Lapham (Rfm),
8th Congressional District
Bob Camp (D) 57.1%, Earl Durnell (D) 42.9%, Jo Ann H. Emerson (R) '98 nominee John B. Hendricks, Jr. (L), Tom Sager (G),
9th Congressional District
ex-St. Rep. Steven R. Carroll (D) 69.0%, businessman Michael Charles Glawson (D) 18.8%, Joe Cefius Terry (D) 12.2%, Kenny C. Hulshof (R) '98 nominee / teacher / writer Robert C. "Bob" Hoffman (L), Devin Scherubel (G), Steven D. Dotson (Rfm),

Key to Party Identification.
(C) =
Constitution Party - formerly known as the Taxpayers Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party

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