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North Carolina State Board of Elections
2000 North Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary Results
May 2, 2000
Al Gore 70.3%
Bill Bradley 19.0%
no preference 8.5%
Lyndon LaRouche 2.2%
2000 North Carolina Republican Presidential Primary Results
May 2, 2000
George W. Bush 78.6%
John McCain 10.9%
Alan Keyes 7.9%
no preference 1.6%
Gary Bauer 1.0%

2000 North Carolina Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
May 2, 2000
Att. Gen. Mike Easley (D) 59.2%, Lt. Gov. Dennis A. Wicker (D) 36.0%, Bob Ayers (D) 1.7%, Bryan Ipock (D) 0.6%, Roger Maines (D) 0.6%, environmental activist Ken Rogers (D) 1.3%, Kenneth R. Gottfried (D) 0.7%, ex-Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot (R) 45.5%, St. House Maj. Ldr N. Leo Daughtry (R) 36.9%, St. Rep. Charles B. "Chuck" Neely (R) 15.3%, ex-American Party Activist Art Manning (R) 2.3%, homeschooler/'96 Congressional nominee / '98 U.S. Senate nominee Barbara Howe (L) 79.7%, Jonathan D. Littlejohn (L) 20.3%,
Lt. Governor
St. Sen. Beverly Eaves Perdue (D) 63.6%, Rockingham Co. Dem Chair Ed Wilson (D) 20.8%, attorney Ronnie Ansley (D) 10.7%, attorney Joel Harbinson (D) 4.9%, St. Sen. Betsy L. Cochrane (R) 72.2%, businessman Andy Nilsson (R) 27.8%,
Attorney General
St. Sen. Roy A. Cooper III (D) ex-assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Boyce (R)
Secretary of State
Elaine Marshall (D), businessman Harris Durham Blake (R)
public safety secretary Richard Moore (D) 69.2%, Richard S. James (D) 30.8%, ex-St. Sen. Henry McKoy (R),
Ralph Campbell (D) 61%, homelessman Kenneth Ray Campbell (D) removed from ballot, Pamela Ann Connell (D) 39%, accountant / ex-Wake Co. Comm'r Leslie "Les" Merritt (R) 45.5%, attorney / '96 nominee Jack W. Daly (R) 33%, businessman Johnnie C. Mayfield (R) 21.5%,
Agriculture Commissioner
Adm. Law Judge Meg Scott Phipps (D) 43.3%, businessman / comedian Bobby McLamb (D) 13.3%, ex-St. Rep. Norris Tolson (D) 16.3%, Graham Boyd (D) 27.1%, '96 nominee Tom C. Davidson (R) 24.0%, Steve Troxler (R) 27.7%, Billy Guthrie (R) 20.8%, David Rouzer (R) 11.5%, Elbie Powers (R) 7.9%, Frank T. Tadlock (R) 8.2%,
Insurance Commissioner
Jim Long (D), Mike Causey (R)
Labor Commissioner
Industrial Commission Deputy Comm'r Doug Berger (D) 40.1%, restaurant owner George Parrott (D) 28.1%, labor dept. official Dana S. Cope (D) 31.8%, St. Rep. Cherie Killian Berry (R) 38.8%, Alderman / businessman / pastor John G. Miller (R) 30.8%, consultant Mac Weatherman (R) 20%, Carl D. Southard (R) 10.4%,
School Superintendent
Michael "Mike" Ward (D), school board member Michael Barrick (R)
1st Congressional District
Eva McPherson Clayton (D), Duane E. Kratzer Jr. (R) 51.6%, Albert L. Wiley Jr. (R) 48.4%, Christopher Sean Delaney (L)
2nd Congressional District
Bobby Etheridge (D), conservative activist / ex-congressonal aide Doug Haynes (R) 62.2%, Wake Forest City Councilman / professor Dan Heimbach (R) 37.8%, '96 / '98 nominee Mark Daniel Jackson (L)
3rd Congressional District
Leigh Harvey McNairy (D) Walter B. Jones Jr. (R), David F. Russell (L)
4th Congressional District
David E. Price (D) 89.1%, John W. Winters Jr. (D) 10.9%, town councilman Jess Ward (R), C. Brian Towey (L),
5th Congressional District
No Democrat Richard M. Burr (R), electrical engineer Steven Francis LeBoeuf (L)
6th Congressional District
No Democrat Howard Coble (R), chemist / '98 nominee Jeffrey Dean Bentley (L),
7th Congressional District
Mike McIntyre (D), 93.5%businessman Randy Crow (D) 6.5%, James R. Adams (R) 68.4%, Howard T. Knupp (R) 31.6%, Dr. / '98 nominee Robert H. "Bob" Burns (L)
8th Congressional District
'98 nominee / Stanly Co. attorney Mike Taylor (D), Robert C. "Robin" Hayes (R), retired professor / '98 nominee Jack Schwartz (L)
9th Congressional District
Ed McGuire (D) 48.1%, accountant Gene Gay (D) 25.9%, Jeri Clement (D) 26.0%, Sue Myrick (R) Christopher S. Cole (L)
10th Congressional District
teacher Delmar Parker (D) T. Cass Ballenger (R), '98 nominee / nurse Deborah Garrett Eddins (L)
11th Congressional District
Sam Neill (D) Charles H. Taylor (R), Charles Barry Williams (L)
12th Congressional District
Melvin Watt (D) teacher Joshua Chad Mitchell (R) 40.9%, businessman John Cosgrove (R) 40.1%, retired farmer Leonard D. Plyler (R) 19.0%, Anna Lyon (L)
2000 North Carolina Statewide Run-Off
May 30, 2000
Agriculture Commissioner, James Graham (D) retiring
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 50% Democratic
Adm. Law Judge Meg Scott Phipps (D) Steve Troxler (R) 60.5%, '96 nominee Tom C. Davidson (R) 39.5%,
Labor Commissioner, Harry Payne (D) retiring
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 50% Democratic,
Industrial Commission Deputy Comm'r Doug Berger (D) St. Rep. Cherie Killian Berry (R) 56.8%, Alderman / businessman / pastor John G. Miller (R) 43.2%,

1. Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races. Blue boxes indicates winner. Red print indicates change in party control.

2. Key to Party Identification.
(D) = Democratic Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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