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North Dakota Secretary of State - Elections Division

2000 North Dakota Democratic Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Al Gore 78.2%
Bill Bradley 21.8%

2000 North Dakota Presidential Caucuses Results
February 29, 2000
George W. Bush 75.75%
John McCain 18.94%
Alan Keyes 5.31%
2000 North Dakota Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
June 13, 2000
Att. Gen. Heidi Heitkamp (DNL) 46.20% bank president / GOP endorsed candidate Jeff Hoeven (R) 53.43% Wayne J.C. Anderson (C) 0.36%
Lt. Governor
St. Sen. Min. Ldr. / farmer Aaron Krauter (DNL) 46.20% St. Rep. / farmer / '90 U.S. Senate nominee Jack Dalrymple (R) 53.43% Martin Wishnatsky (C) 0.36%
Attorney General
St. Ins. Comm'r Glenn Pomeroy (DNL) 47.69% St. Sen. Wayne Stenehjem (R) 51.95% Peter Crary (C) 0.35%
Secretary of State
St. Sen. Dennis Bercier (DNL) 45.07% Alvin A. "Al" Jaeger (R) 54.93%
Kathi Gilmore (DNL) 46.76% St. Sen. / '96 nominee Randy A. Schobinger (R) 53.24%
St. Rep. Mary Ekstrom (DNL) 45.28% Robert R. "Bob" Peterson (R) 54.72%
Agriculture Commissioner
Roger Johnson (DNL) 47.76% ex-St. Rep. Clare Carlson (R) 52.24%
Insurance Commissioner
newspaper publisher Gorman King Jr. (DNL) 45.77% St. Rep. Jim Poolman (R) 54.23%
Tax Commissioner
St. Sen. Steve Tomac (DNL) 46.21% Rick Clayburgh (R) 53.79%
School Superintendant, non-partisan election
Wayne Sanstead (DNL) 62.27% St. Sen. Ray Holmberg (R) 37.73%
Public Service Commissioner, Next election in 2000
Vern Thompson (DNL) 47.05% Tony Clark (R) 52.95%
Kent Conrad (DNL) 49.04% industrial engineer Duane Sand (R) 50.96%
At Large Congressional District
Earl Pomeroy (DNL) 49.45% St. House Maj. Ldr. John Dorso (R) 50.35% Dana Paul Brandenburg (Rfm) 0.20%

1. Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races. Blue boxes indicates winner. Red print indicates change in party control.

2. Key to Party Identification.
(C) = Constitution Party
(DNL) = Democratic Non-Partisan League affiliated with the Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party

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