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Washington Secretary of State - Elections Division
2000 Washington Primary Results
from all ballots
February 29, 2000
George Bush (R) 31.41%
John McCain (R) 30.34%
Al Gore (D) 23.42%
Bill Bradley (D) 12.17%
Alan Keyes (R) 1.66%
Steve Forbes (R) 0.39%
Gary Bauer (R) 0.22%
Lyndon LaRouche (D) 0.20%
Orrin Hatch (R) 0.18%

2000 Washington Republican Presidential Primary Results
February 29, 2000
George W. Bush 58.38%
John McCain 38.31%
Alan Keyes 2.44%
Steve Forbes 0.35%
Gary Bauer 0.31%
Orrin Hatch 0.20%

2000 Washington Democratic Non-Binding Presidential Primary Results
February 29, 2000
Al Gore 68.14%
Bill Bradley 31.42%
Lyndon LaRouche 0.43%

2000 Washington Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
September 19, 2000
Gary Locke (D) 54.3%, Meta Heller (D) 2.5%, radio talk show host John Carlson (R) 33.9%, St. Sen. Harold Hochstatter (R) 7.5%, real estate broker / planning commissioner Steve LePage (L) 1.8%, transit worker Chris Rayson (SW, WI),
Lt. Governor
Brad Owen (D) 42.4%, city councilman Lonnie W. Williams, Sr. (D) 12.0%, Rainier Mayor William "Mike" Elliott (R) 25.0%, teacher Joe Mitschelen (R) 13.8%, travel agent Ruth E. Bennett (L) 6.8%,
Secretary of State
ex-U.S. Rep. / '88 U.S. Senate candidate Don L. Bonker (D) 21.9%, Co. Auditor Bob Terwilliger (D) 12.3%, Allen Norman (D) 4.3%, ex-state party chair Charles Rolland (D) 7.3%, ex-state employee Rand Daley (D) 4.3%, Co. Auditor Sam Reed (R) 20.3%, St. Rep. Mike Wensman (R) 9.4%, community activist William A. Baker (R) 5.5%, James Findley (R) 9.1%, attorney J. Bradley "Brad" Gibson (L) 3.3%, County United Way executive director Gregory Christopher "Chris" Loftis (Rfm) 2.2%,
Attorney General
Christine O. Gregoire (D) 54.5% attorney Richard Pope (R) 38.6%, attorney Richard Shepard (L) 4.2%, Luanne Coachman (NL) 1.4%, physicist / '98 Reform Party Congressional candidate Stan Lippmann (NM) 1.3%,
Michael J. "Mike" Murphy (D) 45.7%, anti-Kiwanis Club activist Louis Bloom (D) 7.6%, accountant Diane Rhoades (R) 41.9%, Tim Perman (L) 4.8%,
Brian Sonntag (D) 56.1%, consultant / ex-city councilman Richard McEntee (R) 38.1%, computer entrepreneur Chris Caputo (L) 5.8%,
Insurance Commissioner
ex-U.S. Rep. Mike Kreidler (D) 33.5%, deputy insurance commissioner John Conniff (D) 20.6%, ex-Bellevue Mayor Don Davidson (R) 30.1%, businessman Curtis Fackler (R) 11.6%, management consultant / water commissioner Mike Hihn (L) 4.3%,
Public Lands Commissioner
ex-Gov. / ex-U.S. Rep. Mike Lowry (D) 29.0%, St. Sen. Georgia Gardner (D) 12.1%, enviornmental planner Bob Penhale (D) 1.3%, ex-GOPer / ex-Reform Party member Mike The Mover (D) 3.0%, biologist Jim O'Donnell (D) 5.7%, businessman Tim Reid (D) 4.6%, ex-Tacoma Mayor / Pierce County Executive Doug Sutherland (R) 32.5%, Patrick A. Parrish (R) 8.4%, zoologist Steve Layman (L) 3.3%,
School Superintendent, Non-partisan election, Next election in 2000
Dr. Terry Bergeson (R) 56.7%, school administrator David Blomstrom (D) 8.5%, software designer Arthur Hu (L) 13.0%, professor Don Crawford (L) 15.8%, Neil T. B. Helgeland (I) 6.0%,
ex-U.S. Rep. Maria Cantwell (D) 36.5%, Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn (D) 12.1%, retired nurse's aide Barbara Lampert (D) 1.5%, realtor Robert Tilden Medley (D) 1.3%, Slade Gorton (R) 43.9%, retiree June Riggs (R) 0.9%, fisherman Warren E. Hanson (R) 1.5%, Ken McCandless (R) 1.1%, attorney Jeff Jared (L) 1.3%, aircraft worker Steve Breen (SW, WI), realtor Kevin McKeigue (I),
1st Congressional District
Jay Inslee (D) 56.6% St. Sen. Dan McDonald (R) 40.6% engineer Bruce Newman (L) 2.8%
2nd Congressional District
Snohomish Co. Councilmember Richard Ray "Rick" Larson (D) 47.4% St. Rep. John Koster (R) 47.9% Dr. Stuart Andrews (L) 3.0%, farmer Glen S. Johnson (NL) 1.7%,
3rd Congressional District
Brian Baird (D) 57.1% tax analyst Trent R. Matson (R) 39.3% businessman / architect Erne Lewis (L) 3.6%
4th Congressional District
farmer Jim Davis (D) 32.8% Richard "Doc" Hastings (R) 59.7%, Gordon Allen Pross (R) 4.3%, investment advisor / ex-school superintendent Fred D. Krauss (L) 3.2%,
5th Congressional District
attorney Tom Keefe (D) 21.6%, union executive Thomas "Tommy" Flynn (D) 11.2%, George R. Nethercutt, Jr. (R) 45.1%, radio talk show host Richard Clear (R) 20.0%, town councilman / businessman Greg Holmes (L) 2.2%,
6th Congressional District
Norman D. Dicks (D) 67.0% '98 nominee / retired Air Force Colonel Bob Lawrence (R) 23.9%, historian William Edward Chovil (R) 5.1%, Dr. John Bennett (L) 4.0%,
7th Congressional District
Jim McDermott (D) 79.3% No Republican corporate finance executive Joel Grus (L) 8.3%, teacher / ex-City Councilman Joe Szwaja (G) 12.4%, Peter M. Orange (NL)?,
8th Congressional District
interior designer / '98 nominee Heidi Behrens-Benedict (D) 38.1% Jennifer Dunn (R) 59.5% software engineer Bernard McIlroy (L) 2.3%
9th Congressional District
Adam Smith (D) 60.9% King Co. Councilman / ex-St. Rep. Chris Vance (R) 27.4%, physicians union organizer Gary Snell (R) 8.6%, health clinic director Jonathan V. Wright (L) 3.1%,

Key to Party Identification.
(D) =
Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(NM) = Natural Medicine Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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