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Idaho Secretary of State - Election Division
2002 Idaho Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 5/28/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 68% in '98, 1st term,
publisher Jerry M. Brady (D) 87.4%, Rue T. Stears (D) 12.6%, Dirk Kempthorne (R) 65.2%, ex-St. Sen. Mitt Erhart (R) 26.3%, pastor Walter L. Bayes (R) 4.8%, nurse Raynelle J. George (R) 3.7%, Daniel L. J. Adams (L) 98.0%, internet consultant Michael Gollaher (L/WI) 2.0%,
Lt. Governor, C.L. "Butch" Otter (R) elected to Congress
attorney / business consultant Bruce M. Perry (D) 56.9%, ex-U.S. Attorney / ex-St. Rep. M. Karl Shurtliff (D) 43.1%, St. Sen. James E. "Jim" Risch (R) 34.5%, St. Sen. Jack Riggs (R) 27.8%, St. Rep. Celia R. Gould (R) 15.5%, businessman / '94 Gubernatorial candidate Larry Eastland (R) 15.4%, '98 & '00 Congressional candidate A. "Big Jim" Pratt (R) 4.0%, disabled veterans activist Darrell Babbitt (R) 2.9%, Michael J. Kempf (L),
Attorney General, Alan G. Lance (R) not seeking re-election
Hailey Mayor R. Keith Roark (D), dep. Att. Gen. Lawrence G. Wasden (R) 32.3%, governor aide Michael Bogert (R) 30.4%, Canyon Co. Comm'r. Todd Lakey (R) 23.5%, co. prosecutor Myron Dan Gabbert (R) 13.8%, ex-Democratic St. Rep. Dan Hawkley (R) withdrew
Secretary of State, Pete T. Cenarrusa (R) barred
ex-St. Rep. Steven F. Schanlin (D), chief Dep. Sec. of St. Ben Ysursa (R) 66.4%, St. Sen. Evan S. Frasure (R) 33.6%, Ronald E. Perry (L),
Controller / Auditor, J.D. Williams (D) barred
banker Bob Sonnichsen (D), chief Dep. St. Controller Keith Johnson (R) 39.7%, ex-St. Rep. Donna M. Jones (R) 36.4%, ex-St. Rep. Gene Winchester (R) 23.9%, Suzanne Gribbin (L),
activist Sally A. Beitia (D), Ron G. Crane (R), Sherwin M. Fellen (L),
Superintendent of Schools
Marilyn Howard (D), Nampa School Board member Tom Luna (R), Robbi L. Kier (L),
Senator, 57% in 96, 1st term, might retire,
ex-Amb. Alan J. Blinken (D) 70.9%,realtor David P. "Dave" Sneddon (D) 29.1%, Larry E. Craig (R), farmer / '00 Congressional nominee Donovan Bramwell (L),
1st Congressional District, 64.7% in '00, 1st term,
ex-U.S. Attorney Betty Richardson (D), C.L. "Butch" Otter (R), Steve Gothard (L),
2nd Congressional District, 70.6% in '00, 2nd term
prof. Edward W. Kinghorn (D), Michael K. "Mike" Simpson (R), Gregory P. Corron (L),

1. Key to Idaho Political Parties
(D) = Democratic Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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