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Maryland State Board of Elections
2002 Maryland Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 9/10/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 56% in '98, Parris N. Glendening (D) barred from third term,
Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (D) 79.8%, Robert Raymond Fustero (D) 20.2%, U.S. Rep. Robert L. "Bob" Ehrlich Jr. (R) 92.9%, '98 Senate nominee / '88 Congressional nominee / Dr. Ross Z. Pierpont (R) 3.4%, James J. Sheridan (R) 3.7%, businessman Spear Lancaster (L), Ralph Jaffe (D/WI), James T. Lynch, Jr. (D/WI),
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov.
ex-Naval Academy Superintendent Charles R. Larson (D) 79.8%, Linda J. Atkins (D) 20.2%, attorney / state GOP chair / '98 Comptroller candidate Michael S. Steele (R) 92.9%, accountant Sidney J. Burns (R) 3.4%, Kathleen Sheridan Linzey (R) 3.7%, Lorenzo Gaztanaga (L),
Attorney General,
J. Joseph "Bob" Curran Jr. (D), attorney Edwin MacVaugh (R) 51.0%, attorney Jeffrey N. Pritzker (R) 49.0%,
William Donald Schaefer (R) 68.5%, Sec. of St. John T. Willis (D) 27.6%, economist / '00 Congressional candidate Lih Y. Young (D) 4.0%, marketing consultant / '98 candidate Eugene Robert Zarwell (R) 57.7%, gun rights activist Augustus Alzona (R) 42.3%,
1st Congressional District, 64.4% in '00, 6th term
activist Ann D. Tamlyn (D), Wayne T. Gilchrest (R) 60.0%, Daivd W. "Dave" Fischer (R) 36.3%, salesman / '98 Senate candidate Bradlyn McClanahan (R) 3.7%,
2nd Congressional District, 68.6% in '00, 4th term, Robert L. "Bob" Ehrlich Jr. (R) running for Governor
Baltimore Co. Exec. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D) 50.2%, investment banker Oz Bengur (D) 36.3%, farmer / retired Air Force Major / '98 & '00 nominee Kenneth T. Bosley (D) 7.7%, computer technician Brian Hollister Davis (D) 3.5%, James Edward DeLoach, Jr. (D) 2.3%, ex-U.S. Rep. Helen Delich Bentley (R) 79.9%, Scot Michael Young (R) 20.1%,
3rd Congressional District, 75.7% in '00, 8th term,
Benjamin L. "Ben" Cardin (D) 90.0%, perennial candidate / computer salesman John Rea (D) 10.0%, attorney / ex-DOD official Scott Conwell (R) 78.8%, Michael "Mike" Jackson (R) 21.2%,
4th Congressional District, 87.5% in '00, 5th term
Albert R. Wynn (D) 83.0%, ex-Glenarden Mayor Don "DJ" Williams (D) 17.0%, '96 / '98 / '00 nominee / animal behaviorist John B. Kimble (R) 34.4%, PTA activist Floyd W. Anderson, Jr. (R) 33.6%, teacher John F. Jamele (R) 21.5%, Renita M. Jefferson (R) 10.5%,
5th Congressional District, 65.0% in '00, 11th term
Steny H. Hoyer (D), business consultant Joseph T. "Joe" Crawford (R),
6th Congressional District, 60.7% in '00, 5th term
'00 nominee / congressional aide Donald M. DeArmon (D) 52.3%, Kevin M. Shaffer (D) 47.7%, Roscoe G. Bartlett (R),
7th Congressional District, 87.1% in '00, 4th term
Elijah E. Cummings (D) 89.4%, activist A. Robert Kaufman (D) 6.4%, community activist / '00 GOP candidate Charles U. Smith (D) 2.3%, businessman Charles C. McPeek (D) 1.9%, Joseph E. Ward (R),
8th Congressional District, 51.9% in '00, 8th term,
St. Sen. Christopher Van Hollen, Jr. (D) 43.4%, St. Del. Mark K. Shriver (D) 40.6%, attorney / ex-trade official Ira S. Shapiro (D) 12.7%, attorney / '00 candidate Deborah A. Vollmer (D) 2.5%, Anthony Jaworski (D) 0.8%, Constance A. Morella (R), Stephen Bassett (I),

1. Key to Maryland Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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