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New Mexico Secretary of State - Bureau of Elections
2002 New Mexico Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 6/4/02
List of State Parties,
Governor, 54% in '98, Gary E. Johnson (R) barred from third term,
ex-Energy Sec. / ex-U.S. Rep. William B. "Bill" Richardson (D) 99.6%, retired ironworker Benjamin E. "Mike" Nalley (D/WI) 0.4%, St. Rep. John A. Sanchez (R) 58.4%, Lt. Gov. Walter D. Bradley (R) 35.4%, St. Rep. Robert M. Rob Burpo (R) 4.1%, ex-Army Gen. Gilbert S. Baca (R) 2.1%, actor / A.I.M. activist Russell Means (I), David Bacon (G), John Wood (WI),
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov., Walter D. Bradley (R) running for Governor,
'98 nominee / businesswoman Diane D. Denish (D) 58.7%, ex-St. Sen. / businessman Jerry Sandel (D) 41.4%, St. Sen. Rod Adair (R) 39.8%, '90 Attorney General nominee / ex-St. Sen. / '00 U.S. Senate candidate William F. "Bill" Davis (R) 30.4%, St. Rep. Judy Vanderstar Russell (R) 29.8%, Kathy Sanchez (G),
Attorney General,
Patricia A. Madrid (D), NM Correction Sec. Rob Perry (R),
Secretary of State,
Rebecca Vigil-Giron (D), lobbyist Sharon Clahchischilliage (R),
Treasurer, Michael A. Montoya (D) not seeking re-election,
ex-St. Auditor / '98 Governor candidate Robert E. Vigil (D) 41.8%, ex-st. finance board director Jan Goodwin (D) 34.7%, Co. Comm'r Ken Sanchez (D) 23.4%, No Republican '96 & '98 Congressional nominee / health care advocate Carol A. Miller (G),
Domingo P. Martinez (D), ex-Democratic St. Sen. / '90 Democratic U.S. Senate nominee / '00 Reform party U.S. Senate candidate Tom Benavides (R),
Commissioner of Public Lands, Ray Powell (D) running for Governor,
ex-Sante Fe Mayor / '96 Senate nominee Art E. Trujillo (D) 54.3%, St. Sen. Cisco McSorley (D) 24.2%, attorney Tom Mills (D) 21.5%, St. Sen. Patrick H. Lyons (R) 71.6%, ex-Ass't. Land Com'r. Rick Lopez (R) 28.4%,
Senator, 64.3% in '96, 5th term,
ex-FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani (D) 77.6%, attorney / '98 & '00 congressional candidate Francesca Lobato (D) 22.3%, Don Earl Durham (D/WI) 0.1%, Pete V. Domenici (R) 99.9%, Retired Army Sergeant Orlin G. Cole (R/WI) 0.1%,
1st Congressional District, 50.4% in '00, 2nd term,
St. Sen. Richard M. Romero (D), Heather A. Wilson (R),
2nd Congressional District, 58.1% in '00, Joe R. Skeen (R) retiring after 11th term,
St. Sen. John Arthur Smith (D) 52.9%, Mayor Ruben A. Smith (D) 47.1%, ex-St. Rep. / '00 Senate candidate Steven Pearce (R) 34.8%, attorney / restaurateur Edward S. "Ed" Tinsley (R) 27.0%, rancher / ex-St. Rep. Phelps Anderson (R) 23.8%, farmer C. Earl Greer (R) 7.7%, Lincoln Co. Comm'r Leo Martinez (R) 6.8%, William Scott English (R/WI),
3rd Congressional District, 67.3% in '00, 2nd term
Tom Udall (D), retired state employee Edward F. Tsyitee (R/WI),

1. Key to New Mexico Political Parties
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = write in candidate

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