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Nevada Secretary of State - Elections Division
2002 Nevada Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 9/3/02
List of State Parties,
Governor, 52% in '98, 1st term
St. Sen. Joseph N. "Joe" Neal (D) 35.7%, community activist / ex-topless dancer Barbara Scott (D) 21.3%, Dan Meyer (D) 12.8%, business consultant Christopher Petrella (D) 5.5%, none of these 24.6%, Kenny C. Guinn (R) 82.8%, Shirley Cook (R) 6.6%, businessman / '98 candidate Bruce Westcott (R) 2.1%, Bill Hiett (R) 1.0%, ex-postal worker Stanleigh Harold "Stan" Lusak (R) 0.5%, James K. Prevot (R) withdrew but name will be on ballot 0.5%, trash collector Carlo Poliak (R) 0.3%, none of these 6.1%, Richard L. "Dick" Geyer (L), 2000 Congressional nominee / chemical engineer A. Charles Laws (G), rancher David G. Holmgren (IA), Jerry L. Norton (I),
Lt. Governor
Clark Co. Comm'r Erin Kenny (D), Lorraine T. Hunt (R) 82.7%, retired firefighter Gerry Larrivee (R) 11.4%, none of these 5.9%, William "Billy" Oswald (L), retired fisherman Merritt "Ike" Yochum (IA),
Attorney General, Frankie Sue Del Papa (D) not seeking re-election
attorney John Hunt (D), ex-gaming comm'r. Brian Sandoval (R), attorney Jonathan J. Hansen (IA),
Secretary of State
retired administrator William "Wild Bill" Hamma (D), Dean Heller (R), Christopher H. Hansen (IA), union activist Paul A. Lenart (G), businesswoman Lois J. Avery (NL),
St. AM John J. Lee (D), Kathy Marie Augustine (R), Chuck Eby (L), Lisa Black (IA),
ex-St. Treasurer Ken Santor (D), Brian K. Krolicki (R), Mark Andrews (IA),
1st Congressional District, 51.7% in '00, 2nd term
Shelley Berkley (D), Las Vegas City Councilwomen Lynette Maria Boggs McDonald (R) 78.9%, bus driver Alfred "Bus Driver" Ordunez (R) 21.1%, Steve-Bryant Dempsey (IA), software support representative W. Lane Startin (G),
2nd Congressional District, 64.2% in '00, 3rd term,
computer technician Travis O. Souza (D), James Arthur "Jim" Gibbons (R), state party chair Brendan Trainor (L), state party co-founder Janine Hansen (IA), businessman '98 & '00 nominee Robert W. "Strickerman" Winquist (NL),
3rd Congressional District,
Nevada Will Gain a Congressional District Due to Reapportionment
Co. Comm'r. Chair Dario Herrera (D) 68.8%, merchant marine Mark J. Budetich, Jr. (D) 31.2%, '00 1st District nominee St. Sen. Jon C. Porter (R) 68.6%, Barry P. Bilbray (R) 16.7%, legal administrative assistant Susan Kiger (R) 9.2%, Bob Daily (R) 5.5%, Neil Scott (L), Richard Wayne "Dick" O'Dell (IA), marketing exec. / professional bicycle league comm'r. Pete O'Neil (I),

1. Key to Nevada Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(IA) = Independent American Party
- Affiliated with Constitution Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(R) = Republican Party

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