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Oregon Secretary of State - Elections Division

2002 Oregon Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 5/21/02,

List of State Parties,
Governor, 63% in '98, John Kitzhaber (D) barred from 3rd term,
St. Sup. Court Justice / '82 nominee / '80 Senate nominee / ex-Att. Gen. Theodore R. "Ted" Kulongoski (D) 49.0%, ex-St. Treas. Jim Hill (D) 26.2%, ex-Multnomah Co. Comm'r. Beverly Stein (D) 21.7%, engineer William Peter "Pete" Allen (D) 1.9%, psychologist Caleb Burns (D) 1.2%, ex-St. Rep. / '00 Att. Gen. nominee Kevin L. Mannix (R) 34.6%, Labor Comm'r Jack Roberts (R) 29.8%, Portland School Boarder Ron Saxton (R) 29.3%, businessman W. Ames Curtright (R) 3.3%, Roger Weidner (R) 2.3%, Lee R. Shindler (R) 0.7%, urban planner Gary Spanovich (Pac), ex-U.S. Rep. James H. "Jim" Weaver (Pac), marijuana legalization activist Bill Conde (En), anti-tax activist / '98 GOP nominee Bill Sizemore (C),
Labor Commissioner (non-partisan), Jack Roberts (R) defeated in GOP Governor Primary,
St. Rep. Dan Gardner (D) 66.4%, Don Frazier (I) 26.8%, fitness instructor Pavel Goberman (L) 6.8%, ex-St. Sen. / Co. Comm'r. Peter Sorenson (D), '96 Attorney General nominee / '98 candidate for judge Victor J. Hoffer (R),
Education Superintendent (non-partisan),
St. Sen. Susan Castillo (D) 54.7%, OR Ed. Consumers Assoc. Pres Rob Kremer (D) 29.8%, Stan Bunn (R) 15.4%, Gloria McCleary (I) 0%,
Senator, 48.9% in '96, 1st term,
Sec. of St. Bill Bradbury (D) 86.0%, social worker Craig Hanson (D) 8.7%, Greg Haven (D) 4.5%, Gordon H. Smith (R), Javier O. Lopez (R) disqualified Dan Fitzgerald (L), engineer Shantu Shah (Pac),
1st Congressional District, 58.3% in '00, 2nd term
David Wu (D), radio talk show host Jim Greenfield (R), '00 nominee / education activist Beth A. King (L),
2nd Congressional District, 74.3% in '00 2nd term,
marketing director Peter Buckley (D) 65%, John C. McColgan (D) 35%, Greg Walden (R),
3rd Congressional District, 67.2% in '00, 4th term,
Earl Blumenauer (D) 86.9%, '00 candidate / land management consultant John Sweeney (D) 13.1%, Sarah Seale (R), real estate appraiser / 2000 nominee Jeffrey L. Pollock (R) and Daniel Cirignani Wood (R) withdrew '98 & '00 nominee / ex-St. Rep. / attorney Walter F. "Walt" Brown (S),
4th Congressional District, 67.8% in '00, 8th term,
Peter A. "Pete" DeFazio (D), ex-St. Rep. Liz VanLeeuwen (R), John Granacki (S),
5th Congressional District, 57% in '00, 3rd term
Darlene Hooley (D), 2000 nominee / businessman Brian J. Boquist (R) 67.8%, talent agent Craig L. Schelske (R) 32.2%,

1. Key to Oregon Political Parties
(D) = Democratic Party
(En) = Environmental Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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