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Vermont Secretary of State - Elections Division
2002 Vermont Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 9/10/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 50.5% in '00, Howard Dean (D) retiring after 5th term,
Lt. Gov. Douglas A. "Doug" Racine (D), St. Treas. James H. Douglas (R), woodworker Michael Badamo (Pr) 69.8%, '00 Democratic Congressional nominee Peter "Pete" Diamondstone (Pr) 30.2%,
'98 & '00 Grassroots Party nominee / marijuana activist Joel W. Williams (L), ex-St. Human Services Sec. / ex-GOPer Cornelius "Con" Hogan (I), Patricia Hejny (GR), photographer Jerry Trudell (I), ex-High Bailiff / anti-gay activist '00 Democratic candidate Brian Pearl (I),
Lt. Governor, 53.3% in '00, Douglas A. "Doug" Racine (D) running for Governor,
St. Sen. Peter Shumlin (D), pilot / '00 nominee / ex-school board chair Brian Dubie (R), 2000 Gov. nominee / attorney Anthony Pollina (Pr), Sally Ann Jones (GR), forestry consultant / restaurant owner / '00 Governor candidate Phil Stannard (I),
Attorney General, 83.9% in '00,
William H. "Bill" Sorrell (D), ex-village trustee / '00 Sec. of St. nominee Larry Drown (R), attorney Cindy Hill (Pr) 76.7%, farmer Boots Wardinski (LU, Pr) 23.3%,
retired USMC officer / business consultant '98 nominee Chris Costanzo (L), farmer Boots Wardinski (LU), Sandy Ward (GR),
Secretary of State, 61.2% in '00,
Deborah L. Markowitz (D), attorney Michael S. "Mike" Bertrand (R), Tina Thomspon (GR),
Treasurer, 86.0% in '00, James H. Douglas (R) running for Governor,
ex-St. Sen. Jeb Spaulding (D) 67.0%, ex-St. Auditor Edward S. Flanagan (D) 33%, St. Rep. John V. LaBarge (R), Teresa Bouchard (GR),
Auditor, 53.8% in '00, 1st term,
Elizabeth Mary Ready (D), ex-St. Rep. Bruce Hyde (R), '94 / '96 Vermont Grassroots Party Governor nominee / '98 Vt. Sec. of St. Grassroots Party nominee / '00 Grassroots Party Presidential nominee Dennis I. "Denny" Lane (L), Lynn Appleby (GR),
At Large Congressional District, 69.6% in '00, 6th term,
No Democrat attorney / '00 gubernatorial candidate William "Bill" H. Meub (R) 59.4%, retired army officer / pilot Gregory Parke (R) 23.0%, 2000 nominee / attorney / civil engineer Karen Ann Kerin (ne´e Charles Kerin) (R) 17.6%, Bernie Sanders (I),
Jane Newton (Pr), Fawn Skinner (GR),

1. Key to Vermont Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(GR) = Grassroots Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(LU) = Liberty Union Party
(Pr) = Progressive Party
(R) = Republican Party

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