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Hawaii Office of Elections
2003 Hawaii Special Congressional Election
Special Election: 1/4/03,
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties,
2nd Congressional District, 51.0% in '02 Special Election,
Filing Deadline:
11/20/02, Special Election: 1/4/03,
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Democratic,
ex-St. Rep. / '02 Governor candidate Edward E. "Ed" Case (D) 43.2%, ex-St. Sen. / '02 Lt. Gov. nominee Matthew M. "Matt" Matsunaga (D) 30.2%, St. Sen. Colleen Hanabusa (D) 7.9%, physician Brian G. Cole (D) 0.1%, ex-councilman Kekoa D. Kaapu (D) 0.1%, Michael Gagne (D) 0.0%, music producer Pat Rocco (D) 0.0%, businessman / '00 Senate candidate / '02 Gov. candidate Arturo P. "Art" Reyes (D) 0.0%, Paul Britos (D) 0.0%, '00 candidate Charles "Lucky" Collins (D) 0.0%, '02 primary candidate / conflict resolution teacher Steve Raza Tataii (D) 0.0%, Herbert L. Jensen (D) 0.0%, St. Rep. Barbara C. Marumoto (R) 5.9%, '02 General Election nominee / ex-St. Rep. Robert C. "Bob" McDermott (R) 5.6%, St. Rep. Chris Halford (R) 1.0%, ex-congressional aide Kimo Kaloi (R) 0.8%, pilot / ex-St. Sen. / attorney / '00 Senate nominee / '02 Governor candidate John S. "Mahina" Carroll (R) 0.7%, ex-Honolulu Mayor / '94 Governor candidate Frank F. Fasi (R) 0.6%, ex-St. Rep. Jim Rath (R) 0.5%, Richard H. Haake (R) 0.3%, ex-co. councilman Nelson J. Secretario (R) 0.3%, ex-St. Sen. Whitney T. Anderson (R) 0.3%, Doug Fairhurst (R) 0.0%, gay rights activist Carolyn Martinez Golojuch (R) 0.0%, Richard "Rich" Payne (R) 0.0%, Clarence H. Weatherwax (R) 0.0%, musician John L. Sabey (R) 0.0%, Mike Rethman (R) 0.0%, writer '98 & '00 Senate nominee Lloyd "Jeff" Mallan (L) 0.1%,
Nick Nikhilananda (G) 0.1%, G. "Limz" Goodwin (G) 0.0%,
businessman Mark McNett (I) 0.6%, Moana Keaulana-Dyball (I) 0.1%, Sophie Mataafa (I) 0.1%, acupuncturist Kabba Anand (I) 0.0%, Dan Vierra (I) 0.0%, Bill Russell (I) 0.0%, Steve Sparks (I) 0.0%, Solomon "Kolomona" Wong (I) 0.0%, S. J. Harlan (I) 0.0%, John "Jack" Randall (I) 0.0%, Marshall "Koo Koo" Turner (I) 0.0%, Alan R. Gano (I) 0.0%, Bartle Lee Rowland (I) 0.0%,
blank votes 0.8%, write in votes 0.1%,

1. Link to Predictions:
D.C.'s Political Report,

2. D.C.'s Political Report's stars indicate the rating of the race from 1 star to 5 stars depending on its entertainment value.
The color indicates D.C.'s Political Report's prediction of the winning party.
= Democrat retain control, = Democrats take over control,
= Republican retain control, = Republicans take over control,
= Independent / 3rd Party retains control, = Independent / 3rd Party take over control
Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races.
Light Blue boxes indicates Democrats maintained controll Light Red boxes indicates Republicans maintained controll
Blue boxes indicates Democrats took control Red boxes indicates Republicans took control.

3. Key to Hawaii Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(FE) = Free Energy Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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