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Washington Secretary of State - Elections Division

2004 Washington Presidential Caucus Results
Democratic Presidential Caucuses: 2/7/04, Republican Presidential Caucuses: 3/9/04, Presidential Primary: 3/2/04 cancelled, Last Day for Minor Party Convention: 7/3/04, Independent Filing Deadline: 7/30/04, Primary: 9/14/04, Presidential Filing Deadline: 8/25/04,
List of State Parties,
President, 44.6% in '00, 1st term, Polls,
U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry (D) 48.4%,
ex-Gov. Howard Dean (D) 30.0%, U.S. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D) 8.2%, U.S. Sen. John R. Edwards (D) 6.7%, uncommitted 3.4%, ex-NATO commander General Wesley K. Clark (retired) (D) 3.3%, Rev. Alfred C. "Al" Sharpton (D) 0.1%,
George W. "Dubya" Bush (R) Libertarian Party Nominee
Governor, Gary Locke (D) retiring after 2nd term,
St. Att. Gen. Christine O. Gregoire (D) 66.6%, Co. Exec. / '94 Senate nominee Ron Sims (D) 29.7%, '00 Land Comm'r. candidate / '02 congressional candidate businessman Mike The Mover (D) 2.0%, Don Hansler (D) 1.1%, Scott Headland (D) 0.9%, Eugen Buculei (D) 0.6%, St. Sen. Dino Rossi (R) 84.1%, Bill Meyer (R) 8.5%, John W. Aiken, Jr. (R) 6.3%, Ruth Bennett (L) 56.5%, Michael Nelson (L) 43.5%,
Tim Smith (I),
Lt. Governor
Brad Owen (D), businessman Jim Wiest (R) 41.5%, durg rehab supervisor Jim Nobles (R) 35.7%, realtor Scott Bonifield (R) 22.9%, attorney / '02 Congressional nominee Bernard Patrick "Bern" Haggerty (G),
Jocelyn A. Langlois (L),
Secretary of State,
St. Rep. Laura Ruderman (D), Sam Reed (R), Jacqueline Passey (L),
Attorney General, Christine O. Gregoire (D) running for Governor,
ex-St. Ins. Com'r. / attorney / '00 Senate candidate Deborah Senn (D) 50.7%, ex-Seattle City Att. Mark Sidran (D) 49.3%, Co. Councilmember Rob McKenna (R) 77.6%, attorney Mike Vaska (R) 22.4%, Paul Richmond (G),
'00 Sec. of St. nominee J. Bradley Gibson (L),
Michael J. "Mike" Murphy (D), Oscar S. Lewis (R) John Sample (L),
Brian Sonntag (D) Will Baker (R) Jason G. Bush (L),
Insurance Commissioner,
Mike Kreidler (D), John Adams (R) 55.2%, Earl C. Dennis (R) 24.9%, '00 candidate businessman Curtis L. Fackler (R) 19.9%, Stephen D. Steele (L),
Public Lands Commissioner,
St. Rep. Mike Cooper (D), Doug Sutherland (R), Steve Layman (L),
School Superintendent, Non-partisan election, Next election in 2004
former School Superintendent Judith Billings (D) 35.2%, Dr. Terry Bergeson (D) 36.2%, John Blair (L) 9.1%, tutor Juantia Doyon (D) 8.5%, teacher David Blomstrom 5.4%, teacher Kumroon Maksirisombat 5.5%,
Patty Murray (D) 92.2%, fisherman / '00 Senate candidate / '02 GOP Congressional candidate Warren E. Hanson (D) 6.0%, Mohammad H. Said (D) 1.8%, U.S. Rep. George R. Nethercutt, Jr. (R) 82.9%, prof. Reed Davis (R) 6.9%, Brad Klippert (R) 5.7%, Chuck Jackson (R) 1.9%, '00 & '02 Congressional candidate Gordon Allen Pross (R) 1.6%, William Edward Chovil (R) 1.0%, businessman / '02 Congressional nominee Mark B. Wilson (G),
John Mills (L),
1st Congressional District,
Jay Inslee (D), Randy Eastwood (R), Charles Moore (L),
2nd Congressional District,
Richard Ray "Rick" Larsen (D), Island Co. Auditor Suzanne Sinclair (R) 40.9%, real estate consultant / prof. Larry Klepinger (R) 37.2%, businessman Glenn E. Coggeshell, III (R) 21.9%, Bruce Guthrie (L),
3rd Congressional District,
Brian Baird (D) 85.3%, Cheryl A. Crist (D) 14.7%, contractor / ex-firefighter Thomas A. "Tom" Crowson (R) 67.6%, radio marketing rep. Dawn Courtney (R) 32.4%,
4th Congressional District,
business consultant Sandy Matheson (D) 62.7%, '02 nominee Craig Mason (D) 20.3%, physical therapy clinic chain owner Richard K. Wright (D) 16.9%, Richard "Doc" Hastings (R), child support enforcement officer Rick Griffin (I)?,
5th Congressional District, George R. Nethercutt, Jr. (R) running for U.S. Senate
businessman Don Barbieri (D), St. Rep. Cathy McMorris (R) 49.7%, St. Sen. Larry Sheahan (R) 27.3%, attorney Shaun M. Cross (R) 23.0%,
6th Congressional District,
Norman D. Dicks (D), Doug Cloud (R),
7th Congressional District,
Jim McDermott (D), teacher / '02 nominee Carol Thorne Cassady (R),
8th Congressional District, Jennifer Dunn (R) retiring after 6th term,
radio talk show host Dave Ross (D) 48.4%, ex-RealNetworks exec. Alex Alben (D) 30.7%, interior designer / '98, '00 & '02 nominee Heidi Behrens-Benedict (D) 20.9%, Sheriff Dave Reichert (R) 43.0%, ex-U.S. Att. / National Committeewoman Diane Tebelius (R) 22.8%, St. Sen. Luke Esser (R) 22.6%, City Councilmember Conrad Lee (R) 11.6%, Spencer Garrett (L),
9th Congressional District,
Adam Smith (D), Paul J. Lord (R) 53.4%, '00 & '02 Alaska Democratic Congressional nominee / paralegal Clifford Mark Greene (R) 46.6%, chemist Robert F. Losey (G),

1. Key to Washington Political Parties:
(AR) = American Reform Party
(AH) = American Heritage Party
(Com) = Communist Party
(C) = Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(FS) = Freedom Socialist Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Labor) = Labor Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(P) = Patriot Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party USA
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(S) = Socialist Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(V) = Veterans Party
(WW) = Workers World Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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