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December 22, 2009

     Bankers Named Alex and Alexi: Candidates for public office have often resorted to name calling during the course of the campaign and, more often then not, tried to denigrate their opponent based on his or her occupation. The "Attorney" or the "Used-Car Salesman" and, more recently, "Community Activist" have described one's opponent as uniquely unqualified to serve in public office.

     This election cycle the term "Banker" has been included. Once respected as a stable and conscientious profession, bankers are now thought of as reckless speculators of investors funds.

     Several high pro-file races now feature one candidate referring to the opponent as a banker. In
Illinois's Senate contest, former Chicago inspector general David Hoffman (D-IL) has been quick to remind voters of Alexi Giannoulias (D-IL) family banking connections. And in Florida's gubernatorial contest, Republican Ira "Bill" McCollum (R-FL) attacked presumptive Democratic nominee Alex Sink (D-FL) for her service as an executive for Bank of America.

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