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2001 Elections

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2001 Election Results

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Special Thanks to Jeffrey Sachs for Mapping Coordinates Arkansas 3rd Congressional District Special Election: Boozman (R) defeats Hathorn (D), Marsh (G) and Forbes (F), California 32nd Congressional District Special Election: Watson (D) defeats Hentschel (R), Foster (Rfm) & Warren (G) - Los Angeles Mayor: Hahns (D) defeats Vallaraigosa (D) Florida Special Election Miller (R) defeats Briese (D) and Ralls (I) Massachusetts 9th Congressional District Special Election: Lynch (D) defeats Sprague (R), Long (Cns), Satter (SW) New Jersey Governor: McGreevey (D) defeats Schundler (R), Schluter (I), Edgerton (L), Coleman (G), Rizzo (S), Sachs (SW), Koontz (Cns), Watson (I), Poutre (WI) New York City Mayor: Bloomberg (R, Ind) defeats Green (D, WF), Gray (Cns), Hevesi (Lib, BS), Willebrand (G), Kramer (L), Goetz (FU), Leighton (M), Golding (AD), Koppel (SW/WI), Badillo (Cit/WI) Pennsylvania 9th Congressional District Special Election: Shuster (R) defeats Conklin (D) & Hartzok (G), Kensinger (WI) Special Election: Wilson (R) defeats Weaver (D), Eilerton (L) and Lefemine (C) Virginia Governor: Warner (D) defeats Earley (R) & Redpath (L) - Lt. Gov.: Kaine (D) defeats Katzen (R) & Reams (L) - Att. Gen.: Kilgore (R) defeats McEachlin (D) - 4th Congressional District Speical Election: Forbes (R) defeats Lucas (D) Wisconsin State School Superintendent: Burmaster (D) defeats Cross (R)

Special Elections Results
City Mayor Results
Arkansas 3rd
Florida 1st
California 32nd
Massachusetts 9th
Pennsylvania 9th
South Carolina 2nd
Virginia 4th
Los Angeles, California
New York, New York
Statewide Elections Results
New Jersey
Northern Mariana Islands

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