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List of American
Political Parties
Last Updated: July 11, 2008

Alaskan Independence Party

Alaskan Independence Party Polar Bear

Aloha 'Aina Party

Aloha 'Aina  Party's Owl

America First Party

America First Party

America Founding Fathers Party

America Founding Fathers Party

America's Independent Party

America's Independent Party Logo

American Party

American Party Eagle Logo

American Beer Drinkers Party

American Beer Drinkers Party's Stein

American Fascist Party

American Fascist Eagle

American Heritage Party

American Heritage Banner

American Independent Party
Affiliated with the Constitution Party

Constitution Party Eagle Head

American Nationalist Union

American Nationalist Union Logo

American Nazi Party

Nazi Swastika

American Pagan Party

American Pagan Party's Logo

American Reform Party
A splinter group of the Reform Party

American Reform Party's BuffaloReform Party Button

American Patriot Party

American Patriot Party's Minuteman

American Renewal Party

American Renewal Party Picture

American Republican Party

American Republican Party Flag

American Synthesis Party

American Synthesis Party Flag

Autonomy Party

Autonomy Party Symbol

Balance Party

Balance Party Logo

Birthday Party

Birthday Party's Cake

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party's Cannon

California Secessionist Party

California State Flag

Cascadian National Party

Cascadia Flag

Centralist Party

Centralist Party Banner

Christian Party - USA

wooden cross

Christian Falangist Party

Christian Falangist Cross

Christian Freedom Party

Christian Freedom Party Logo

Partido Acción Civil
Civil Action Party

Civil Action Party's Tree

Common Good Party

Common Good Party's Banner

Common Sense Party

Common Sense Party's Banner

Commonwealth Party

Commonwealth Party's Flag

Communist Party USA

Communist Party's Hammer and Sickle

Concerned Citizens Party
Affiliated with the Constitution Party

No Graphic Available for Concerned Citizens PartyConstitution Party Eagle Head

Confederate Party

Conservative Parties

New York Conservative Party Button

Conservative and Populist Party

American Flag Banner

Constitution Party

Constitution Party Eagle Head

Constitutional Action Party

Constitutional Action Party's Logo

Cool American Party

Cool American Party Banner

Cool Moose Party

Cool Moose Party's Moose

Corrective Action Party

Bernie Palicki for President Banner

Covenant Party

Covenant Party's Bull

Creator's Right Party

Creator's Right Party Banner

Democratic Party

Democratic Donkey

Democratic Farm Labor Party
Affiliated with the Democratic Party

Democratic Farm Labor Party LogoDemocratic Donkey

Democratic Nonpartisan League
Affiliated with the Democratic Party

Democratic Nonpartisan League LogoDemocratic Donkey

Democratic Patriotism Party

Democratic Patriotism Party

Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists' Rose

D.C. Statehood Green Party
Affiliated with the Green Party

District of Columbia Territorial FlagGreen Party's Sunflower

Expansionist Party

Expansionist Party Logo

Family Value Party

Family Value Party

Feline Party

Feline Party

Free Party

Free Party Frog

Freedom Party

Freedom Party Eagle

Freedom Socialist Party

Freedom Socialist Party Banner

Fusion Party

Fusion Party Logo

Global Justice Party

Global Justice Party Logo

Grassroots Party

Grassroots Party Eagle

Greens / Green Party

Green Party's Sunflower

Green Independent Party
Affiliated with Green Party

No Graphic Available for Green Independent PartyGreen Party's Sunflower

Green Rainbow Party
Affiliated with Green Party

Green Rainbow PartyGreen Party's Sunflower

The Guilty Party

Guilty Party's Logo

Guns and Dope Party

Guns & Dope Party's Ostrich

Hawaii Independence Party

Hawaiian Independence Flag

Heart Party

Heart Party Banner

Humane Liberation Party

Humane Liberation Party Banner

Idealistic Party of People

Idealistic Party's Dollar

Independence Parties

Montana Independence Party GrizzlyNew York Independence Party LogoMinnesota Independence Party Logo

independent candidates


Independent American Parties
Some Affiliated with Constitution Party

Independent American FlagConstitution Party Eagle Head

Independent Coalition Party

Independent Coalition Party Logo

Industrial Workers of the World Party

Industrial Workers of the World Party's Cat

Internet Party

Internet Party's Logo

Jefferson Party

Jefferson Party's Patriot

Jeffersonian Party

Jeffersonian Party's Portrait

Knights Party

Labor Party

Labor Party Banner

Legal Party

Legal Party Logo

Legal Marijuana Party

Marijuana Leaf

Left Party

Left Party Logo

Liberal Party

Liberal Party's Liberty Bell

Liberal Progress Party

Liberal Progress's logo

Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party's Statue of Liberty

Libertarian National Socialist Green Party

LNSG Party's Flag

Liberty Union Party
Affiliated with the Socialist Party

Liberty Union Party LogoSocialist Party's Rose

Light Party

Light Party Logo

Marijuana Party

Marijuana Legalization Parties

Marijuana Leaf

Marijuana Reform Party

Marijuana Reform Party of New York Logo

Monster Raving Looney Party

Monster Raving Looney Party Logo

Mountain Party

West Virginia's Mountain Party logo

Multicapitalist Party

Multicapitalist Logo

National Alliance

National Alliance's Cross

National Barking Spider Resurgence Party

Eagle on Flag

National Christian Party

wooden cross

National Disability Political Party

Disability Party's Dolphins

National Socialist Movement

National Socialist Movement's Shield

Nationalist Workers Party

Nationalist Workers Party Flag

Native American Party

Native American Party Buffalo Head

Natural Law Party

Natural Law Party's Earth

Nebraska Party

Nebraska State Flag

Neo Whig Party

Neo Whig Part Owl

Netocratic Party

Netocratic Party's Jolly Rogers

The New Party

New Party Logo

New Black Panther Party

Black Panther Party

New England Party

New England Party

New Federalist Party

New Federalist Portrait of Alexander Hamilton

New Progressive Party
Affiliated with the New Party

New Progressive Party ButtonNew Party Logo

Partido Nuevo Progresista
New Progressive Party

Puerto Rico's New Progressive Party Palm Tree

New Union Party

New Union Party's Logo

Nihilist Party

One Earth Party

Graphic Available for One Earth Party

Pacific Green Party
Affiliated with the Green Party

Pacific Green Party LogoGreen Party's Sunflower

Pacifist Party

Pacifist Party Logo

Pansexual Peace Party

Pansexual Peace Party Logo

Parliament Party

Parliament Party

Party Party

Party Party Symbols

Peace and Freedom Party

Peace and Freedom Party Dove

Personal Choice Party

Personal Choice Party's Smiley Face

Planetary Engineering Party

Planetary Engineering Party

Partido Popular Democrático
Popular Democratic Party

Pot Party

Pot Party's Marijuana Leaf

Progressive Parties

Vermont Progressive Party MooseMinnesota Progressive Party LogoProgressive Maryland Party Logo

Progressive Labor Party

Progressive Labor Party Fist

Progressive Libertarian Party

Progressive Libertarian Party's Alpaca

Prohibition Party

Prohibition Party Camel

Partido Independentista Puertoriqueño
Puerto Rican Independence Party

Puerto Rico Independence Flag

Pushy Party

Pushy Party Button

Radical Party

Radical Party's Image of Ghandi

La Raza Unida Party

Raza Unida Party Button

Reform Party

Reform Party Button

Reformed Conservative Party

Reformed Conservative Party Button

Republican Party

Republican Elephant

Republican Moderate

Revolution Party

Revolution Party Logo

Revolutionary Communist Party

Revolutionary Communist Party Flag

Right to Life Party

New York Right to Life's Fetus

Romantic Transcendentalist Party

Romantic Transcendentalist Party Banner

Royalist Party

Royalist Party Logo

School Choice party

School Choice Party  Emblem

Scorched Earth Party

Scorched Earth Party's bloody lead pipe

Social Democratic Party

Social Democratic Party's Torch

Social Nationalist Party

Social Nationalist Party Banner

Socialist Party - USA

Socialist Party's Rose

Socialist Action Party

Socialist Action Party Logo

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party Logo

Socialist Front Party

Puerto Rico's Socialist Front Party Logo

Socialist Labor Party

Socialist Labor Party Forearm

Socialist Workers Party

Socialist Workers' Fist

Southern Party

Southern Party Shield

Southern Independent Party

Southern Independent Party Logo

Star Party

Star Party

Statesmanship Party

Statesmanship Party

Students Rights Party

Students Rights Party Logo

Taxpayers Party
Affiliated with the Constitution Party

Constitution Party Eagle Head
Third Party
Thermodynamics Law Party Thermodynamics Law Party Logo Party's Logo

Truth and Action Party

Truth and Action Party Star

Unity Party

Unity Party Logo

United Citizens Party

United Citizens Party

United Fascist Union

United Fascist Union's Pentagram

USAbility Party

USAbility Party of Logo

U.S. Marijuana Party

U.S. Marijuana Party of Logo

Utopian Anarchist Party

Utopian Anarchist Party's Logo

Veterans Party

Veterans Party

We The People Party

We the People Logo

Whig Party

Portrait of Zackory Taylor

Workers Party

Workers Party, U.S.A.

Workers World Party

Workers World Party Logo

Working Families Party

Working Family Party Logo

World Political Party

World Political Party Globe

World Socialist

World Socialist Party Shield

Write-in candidates

write-in candidates

Party X

Party X Logo

Party Y

Party Y Logo

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