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California Secretary of State - Elections Division
2002 California Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 3/5/02,
Key to Party Identification,
Governor, 58% in '98, 1st term
Gray Davis (D) 80.8%, educator Anselmo A. Chavez (D) 8.4%, case heaing representative Charles "Chuck" Pineda, Jr. (D) 6.4%, American Women Presidents president Mosemarie Boyd (D) 4.4%, investment banker William E. "Bill" Simon Jr. (R) 49.4%, ex-Mayor Richard J. "Dick" Riordan (R) 31.4%, Sec. of St. Bill Jones (R) 17%, businessman Nick Jesson (R) 0.9%, homemaker / publisher Edie Bukewihge (R) 0.6%, country singer Danney Ball (R) 0.5%, legal reform activist Jim Dimov (R) 0.2%, computer consultant Gary D. Copeland (L), 1972 Socialist Workers Party Pres nominee businessman Peter Miguel Camejo (G), electrical contractor / farmer Reinhold S. "Ron" Gulke (AI), business analyst / '00 Congressional nominee Jane E. "Iris" Adam (NL), attorney Harvey Rosenfield (I)?,
Lt. Governor, 52.7% in '98
Cruz M. Bustamante (D), St. Sen. Bruce McPherson (R) 86.2%, singer/ songwriter Eloise Mann Smith Michaels (R) 13.8%, ferret activist Pat Wright (L), financial manager '01 Congressional nominee Donna J. Warren (G), state party vice chair / realtor James D. "Jim" King (AI), public relations director Kalee Przybylak (NL), teacher Paul Jerry Hannosh (Rfm),
Attorney General, 52.7% in '98
Bill Lockyer (D) 82.7%, attorney / '00 Senate candidate Michael Schmier (D) 17.3%, St. Sen. Richard "Dick" Ackerman (R), attorney Ed Kuwatch (L), ex-public defender Glen Freeman Mowrer (G), attorney / '96 American Party Presidental nominee / '00 Senate nominee / Diana Beall Templin (AI),
Secretary of State, 47.0% in '98, Bill Jones (R) barred from re-election, running for Governor
St. AM Kevin Shelley (D) 33.7%, ex-Sec. of St. / ex-U.S. Rep. March Fong Eu (D) 29%, ex-VP aide / '98 nominee / '96 Congressional nominee Michela Alioto (D) 28.2%, attorney Carl Henley (D) 5.3%, author Shawn Casey O'Brien (D) 3.8%, ex-St. AM / businessman Robert K. "Keith" Olberg (R) 61.9%, attorney '01 candidate Michael R. "Mike" Schaefer (R) 20.8%, Barbara Jean Marr (R) 17.3%, 2000 Senate nominee / nurse Gail K. Lightfoot (L), educator Laurence H. "Larry" Shoup (G), businessman Edward C. "Ed" Noonan (AI), state party co-chair / teacher Louise Marie Allison (NL), educator / ex-state party chair / '98 SOS nominee / '00 Senate candidate / Valli "Sharp" Sharpe-Geisler (Rfm),
Treasurer, 52.6% in '98,
Phil Angelides (D), ex-Public Utilities Com'r. / CPA Phillip Gregory Conlon (R) 51.4%, LA Co. GOP chair / investment manager Mary A. Toman (R) 48.6%, West Covina City Treas. Marian Smithson (L), CPA Jeanne-Marie Rosenmeier (G), state party chair '98 Gubernatorial nominee / transit worker Nathan E. Johnson (AI), executive administrator Sylvia Valentine (NL),
Controller, 60.9% in '98, Kathleen Connell (D) barred from re-election
internet executive Steve Westly (D) 56.6%, Board of Equalization Member / ex-St. AM Johan Klehs (D) 43.4%, St. Sen. Tom McClintock (R) 45.8%, Board of Equalization member / ex-St. AM Dean F. Andal (R) 35.3%, nurse Nancy Beecham (R) 9.5%, accountant W. Snow Hume (R) 9.4%, financial systems consultant Laura Wells (G) 84.2%, businessman David Delano Blanco (G) 15.8%,
baptist minister Ernest F. Vance (AI), businessman / '00 Congressional nominee / '98 St. Treasurer nominee J. Carlso Aguirre (NL),
Insurance Commissioner, 49.9% in '98 for Chuck Quackenbush (R) who resigned 6/29/00, Harry Low (D) not seeking re-election,
ex-St. Comptroller / rancher John Garamendi (D) 38.5%, ex-St. AM / '94 Attorney General nominee Tom Umberg (D) 28.1%, St. AM Thomas M. "Tom" Calderon (D) 23.1%, attorney William L. "Bill" Winslow (D) 10.3%, ex-St. Corp. Com'r. / attorney Gary S. Mendoza (R) 41.7%, ex-teacher / insurance auditor Stefan "WatchDog" Stitch (R) 36.4%, '90 nominee / water comm'r / insurance agent Wes Bannister (R) 21.9%, acutarial consultant / 1998 nominee / Dale F. Ogden (L), bank exec. David Ishmael Sheidlower (G), religious right activist / businessman Steven A. Klein (AI), psychologist Raul Calderon, Jr. (NL),
School Superintendent (Non Partisan), Delaine Eastin (D) barred from re-election,
St. Sen. Jack T. O'Connell (D) 41.8%, Union Board of Education President Katherine H. Smith (R) 28.3%, St. AM Lynne C. Leach (R) 26.1%, political consultant Joe Taylor (I) 3.8%,
1st Congressional District, 65.2% in '00, 2nd term
Mike Thompson (D), CPA / '00 candidate Lawrence R. Wiesner (R), information technology manager Kevin Bastian (L),
2nd Congressional District, 65.7% in '00, 8th term
Mike Johnson (D) 61.1%, retired appraiser Raymond G. "Ray" Hennemann (D) 38.9%, Wally Herger (R) 88.7%, businessman / '00 candidate Walter Allen "Al" Thompson (R) 8.3%, journalism student Bob Todd (R) 3%, 2000 nominee / consultant Charles R. Martin (L), holistic health education Patrice Thiessen (NL),
3rd Congressional District, 56.1% in '00, 2nd term
farmer Howard Beeman (D), Douglas Ose (R), '98 & '00 nominee / retired civil engineer Douglas Arthur "Art" Tuma (L),
4th Congressional District, 63.2% in '00, 6th term
retired sales manager / '00 nominee Mark A. Norberg (D), John T. Doolittle (R) 77.4%, Dr. William W. "Bill" Kirby (R) 22.6%, real estate agent Allen M. Roberts (L),
5th Congressional District, 68.7% in '00, 12th term
Robert T. Matsui (D), corp. manager Richard Frankhuizen (R), computer scientist Timothy E. Roloff (L),
6th Congressional District, 64.4% in '00, 5th term
Lynn C. Woolsey (D) 80.6%, Mayor Michael F. Martini (D) 19.4%, businessman Paul L. Erickson (R), author / 2000 nominee Richard O. Barton (L), marketing research coordinator Jeffrey Rainforth (Rfm),
7th Congressional District, 76.7% in '00, 14th term
George Miller (D), housing finance officer Charles R. Hargrave (R), activist / equipment service manager Scott A. Wilson (L),
8th Congressional District, 84.5% in '00, 8th term
Nancy Pelosi (D) 93.1%, business consultant Paul G. McConnell (D) 6.9%, Deputy Att. Gen. G. Michael German (R) 73.6%, businessman John Jenkel (R) 26.4%, internet privacy worker Ira Spivack (L), artist Jay Pond (G),
9th Congressional District, 85.2% in '00, 2nd term
Barbara Lee (D) 84.8%, civil engineer Kevin Greene (D) 15.2%, economist Jerald H. Udinsky (R) 61.8%, anti-tax activist / retired financial consultant Hector "Reno" Reyna (R) 38.2%, consultant / scientist James M. Eyer (L),
10th Congressional District, 52.8% in '00, 3rd term
Ellen O. Tauscher (D) 83.4%, organic farmer Kurt Rasmussen (D) 16.6%, No Republican candidate Sonia E. Alonso Harden (L),
11th Congressional District, 57.9% in '00, 5th term
attorney Elaine Dugger Shaw (D) 63.8%, real estate consultant / '98 nominee / '00 candidate Robert L. Figueroa (D) 36.2%, Richard W. Pombo (R) 87%, retired farmer Thomas A. "Tom" Benigno (R) 13%,
12th Congressional District, 74.6% in '00, 11th term
Tom Lantos (D), businessman Michael J. Moloney (R), software consultant Maad H. Abu-Ghazaleh (L),
13th Congressional District, 70.7% in '00, 15th term
Fortney H. "Pete" Stark (D), businessman Syed R. Mahood (R), software engineer Mark W. Stroberg (L), chiropractor / '00 nominee Don J. Grundmann (AI), businessman John J. Bambey (Rfm),
14th Congressional District, 70.4% in '00, 5th term
Anna G. Eshoo (D), businessman Joseph Henry Nixon (R), economics researcher Andrew Barnard Carver (L),
15th Congressional District, 54.5% in '00, 1st term
Michael H. "Mike" Honda (D), school board member Linda Rae Hermann (R), software contractor Jeff Landauer (L),
16th Congressional District, 72.5% in '00, 4th term,
Zoe Lofgren (D), scientist Douglass A. McNea (R), database administrator Dennis Michael Umphress (L),
17th Congressional District, 68.6% in '00, 5th term
Sam Farr (D) 91.2%, businessman / '00 candidate Arthur Dunn (D) 8.8%, businessman / '00 nominee Clint C. Engler (R) 63.2%, restauranteur Ignacio Velazquez (R) 36.8%, activist / software engineer Jascha Lee (L), legal activist Ray Glock-Grueneich (G),
18th Congressional District, 67.2% in '00, 7th term,
St. AM Dennis A. Cardoza (D) 55.3%, Gary A. Condit (D) 37.5%, ex-Stockton City Council member / businessman Ralph Lee White (D) 2.6%, prof. Sukhmander Singh (D) 2.2%, management technician Joseph Martin (D) 1.5%, singer Elvis Pringle (D) 0.9%, St. Sen. Richard "Dick" Monteith (R) 60.4%, '96 nominee / City Council member William "Bill" Conrad (R) 27.1%, '92 Senate candidate / rancher I. Park Yonker (R) 2.4%, ex-St. AM / farmer George House Jr. (R) withdrew but still got 10.1%, '98 & '00 nominee / escrow assisant Linda M. DeGroat (L), teacher Kevin Cripe (AI),
19th Congressional District, 64.9% in '00, 4th term
labor organizer John Veen (D), George P. Radanovich (R), electrical engineer Patrick L. McHargue (L),
20th Congressional District, 52.1% in '00, 6th term
Calvin M. "Cal" Dooley (D), Dr. André Minuth (R) 52.1%, medical equipment technician Ricky Martin (R) 47.9%, airline pilot / musician Varrin Swearingen (L),
21st Congressional District
democratic activist / broadcaster David G. LaPere (D), ex-USDA official / farmer Devin G. Nunes (R) 36.9%, ex-Fresno Mayor Jim Patterson (R) 33%, St. AM Mike Briggs (R) 25.9%, sheriff's sergeant Thomas C. "Tom" Wright (R) 2.5%, conservative activist / farmer Nathan Short (R) 0.7%, pastor Richard Morgan (R) 0.6%, consultant Greg Ingles (R) 0.4%, attorney / '96 nominee Jonathan J. Richter (L),
22nd Congressional District, 71.7% in '00, 12th term
businessman Jaime A. Corvera (D), William M. "Bill" Thomas (R), businessman Delos Frank Coates (L),
23rd Congressional District, 52.7% in '00, 2nd full term
Lois Capps (D), businesswoman Elizabeth "Beth" Rogers (R) 61.4%, audiologist Donald E. "Don" Regan (R) 38.6%, pipe inspector James E. "Jim" Hill (L),
24th Congressional District, 53.5% in '00, 9th term
public relations consultant Fern Rubin (D), Elton W. Gallegly (R), businessman Gary Harber (L),
25th Congressional District, 62.2% in '00, 5th term
rancher / attorney / '96 / '98 nominee Robert "Bob" Conaway (D), Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R) 84.2%, professor James O. "Jim" Aldrich (R) 15.8%, brewery employee Frank M. Consolo, Jr. (L),
26th Congressional District, 56.8% in '00, 11th term
attorney Marjorie Musser Mikels (D), David Dreier (R), '00 nominee / Dr. Randall G. Weissbuch (L),
27th Congressional District, 66.4% in '00, 3rd term
Brad Sherman (D), attorney Robert M. Levy (R),
28th Congressional District, 84.1% in '00, 10th term
Howard L. Berman (D), insurance adjuster David R. Hernandez, Jr. (R), professor Kelley L. Ross (L),
29th Congressional District, 52.8% in '00, 1st term
Adam B. Schiff (D), '00 nominee / attorney James G. "Jim" Scileppi (R), '98 U.S. Senate nominee / '00 Congressional nominee / fraud investigator Ted Brown (L),
30th Congressional District, 75.8% in '00, 14th term
Henry A. Waxman (D) 89.4%, financial services manager Kevin Feldman (D) 10.6%, bartender / writer / '00 nominee Tony D. Goss (R),
31st Congressional District, 83.4% in '00, 5th term, defeated in Mayor of Los Angeles primary in 2001
Xavier Becerra (D), educator / journalist Luis Vega (R) 64.9%, restauranteur Dino G. Pantazis (R) 35.1%,
32nd Congressional District, 79.6% in '00, 1st term
Hilda Solis (D), activist Emma E. Fischbeck (R), '00 nominee / computer engineer Michael "Mick" P. McGuire (L),
33rd Congressional District, 74.8% in '01, 1st term,
Diane Edith Watson (D), attorney Andrew "Andy" Kim (R), Charles "Chas" Tate (L),
34th Congressional District, 84.7% in '00, 5th term
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D), government employee / '98 & '00 nominee Wayne Miller (R),
35th Congressional District, 86.6% in '00, 6th term
Maxine Waters (D), activist / retired police lieutenant Ross Moen (R) 68.6%, businessman '01 candidate Michael A. Cyrus (R) 31.4%, mechanical engineer / '96/'98 & '00 nominee Gordon Michael Mego (AI),
36th Congressional District, 48.4% in '00, 1st term
Jane Harman (D), attorney Stuart Johnson (R) 57.1%, retired nurse Gloria E. Davis (R) 42.9%, behavioral consultant Mark McSpadden (L),
37th Congressional District, 82.4% in '00, 4th term
Juanita Millender-McDonald (D) 77.9%, '94 & '98 38th District nominee / 2000 candidate / college professor Peter Mathews (D) 22.1%, CPA Oscar A. Velasco (R), 2000 nominee / retired aerospace engineer Herbert G. "Herb" Peters (L),
38th Congressional District, 71.3% in '00, 2nd term
Grace Flores Napolitano (D) 64.5%, city councilman / teacher Gregory Salcido (D) 35.5%, activist Alex A. Burrola (R), data processor Alan Cuperus (L),
39th Congressional District, 48.5% in '00, Steve Horn (R) retiring after 5th term
labor council Sec./Treas. Linda T. Sanchez (D) 33.8%, councilmember Hector De La Torre (D) 29.4%, St. AM Sally M. Havice (D) 19.2%, planning comm'r. Helen M. Rahder (D) 8.2%, professor Kenneth L. Graham (D) 5.7%, '98 nominee / school board member / CPA A.R. "Cecy" Groom (D) 3.7%, businessman Tim Escobar (R) 70.3%, energy consultant Richard B. Owens (R) 29.7%, Richard G. Newhouse (L),
40th Congressional District, 62.4% in '00, 4th term
family counselor / '98 Congressional nominee Christina Avalos (D), Edward R. Royce (R), retired businessman Chuck R. McGlawn (L),
41st Congressional District, 79.9% in '00, 11th term
alternative energy executive Keith Alan Johnson (D), Jerry Lewis (R), Kevin Craig (L),
42nd Congressional District, 58.6% in '00, 2nd term
Richard Waldron (D), Gary G. Miller (R), insurance investigator Donald Yee (L),
43rd Congressional District, 60.0% in '00, 2nd term
Joe Baca (D), event planner / nurse Wendy C. Neighbor (R), retired businesswomen Ethel M. Mohler (L),
44th Congressional District, 73.7% in '00, 5th term
college administrator Louis Vandenberg (D), Kenneth Calvert (R) 70%, 2000 candidate / Dr. Martin Collen (R) 25.3%, engineer / '00 candidate Khalid Jafri (R) 4.7%, writer / '98 nominee Phill Courtney (G),
45th Congressional District, 59.1% in '00, 2nd term
flight attendants' union leader Elle K. Kurpiewski (D), Mary Bono (R), human resources executive Rodney Leon Miller-Boyer (L),
46th Congressional District, 61.8% in '00, 7th term
'00 Congressional nominee / health care attorney Gerrie Schipske (D), Dana Rohrabacher (R), '00 nominee / engineer Keith D. Gann (L),
47th Congressional District, 59.5% in '00, 3rd term
Loretta B. Sanchez (D), attorney Jeff Chavez (R) 53.6%, buisnessman Kenneth M. Valenevela Fisher (R) 46.4%, Paul Marsden (L),
48th Congressional District, 65.4% in '00, 7th term,
professor / '00 nominee John L. Graham (D), Christopher "Chris" Cox (R) 89.2%, businessman David D. Cobert (R) 6.9%, television producer Dave Forman (R) 3.9%, '00 nominee / economist / ex-congressonal aide Joe Michael Cobb (L),
49th Congressional District, 61.0% in '00, 1st term
No Democratic candidate Darrell Issa (R), Karl W. Dietrick (L),
50th Congressional District, 63.9% in '00, 6th term
businessman Del G. Stewart (D), Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R) 86.7%, businessman James B. Hart(R) 13.3%, software engineer Richard W. Fontanesi (L),
51st Congressional District, 68.9% in '00, 5th term
Bob Filner (D) 70%, businessman Daniel C. "Danny" Ramirez (D) 30%, nutritionist Maria Guadalupe Garcia (R) 52.8%, entrepeneur Guillermo "Williee" Durazo, Jr. (R) 47.2%, administrator Jeffrey S. "Jeff" Keup (L),
52nd Congressional District, 64.2% in '00, 11th term
methodist minister Peter Moore-Kochlacs (D), Duncan Hunter (R), '00 nominee / businessman Michael "Mike" Benoit (L),
53rd Congressional District, 49.8% in '00, 1st term
Susan A. Davis (D), attorney Bill VanDeWeghe (R) 57.6%, professor / businessman Tim Kane (R) 42.4%,

1. Key to California Political Parties
(AI) = American-Independent Party
- Affiliated with the Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party (Buchanan Supporters)
(Rfm) = Reform Party (Buchanan Opponents / State Recognized)
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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