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District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics
2002 District of Columbia Congressional and City wide Primary Results
Primary: 9/10/02,
List of State Parties,
Mayor, 1st term,
Anthony A. "Tony" Williams (D/WI) 68.1%, pastor Willie F. Wilson (D/WI) 22.8%, ex-city councilmember Douglas E. Moore (D, People) 5.7%, James W. Clark (D) 1.5%, '98 candidate / artist Faith (Faith Dane) (D) 1.1%, councilmember Carol Schwartz (R/WI) 0.6%, Osie L. Thorpe (D) 0.3%, Mayor Anthony A. "Tony" Williams (D/WI) 54.3%, councilmember Carol Schwartz (R/WI) 31.8%, real estate appraiser Todd Zirkle (R/WI) 8.0%, pastor Willie F. Wilson (D/WI) 5.8%, Robert Pittman (R/WI) 0.1%, Steve Donkin (DC) 43.39%, write in 56.61%,
'98 nominee / '92, '96 & '00 Del. nominee / transit worker Sam Manuel (SW), Paul Clark (L), ACLU-NCA exec. dir. Johnny Barnes (I), Tricia Kinch (I), Robert Moore (I),
D.C. Council Chair,
Linda W. Cropp (D) 97.6, write in 2.4% No Republican Debby Hanrahan (DC/WI),
Two D.C. Council At-Large Seats
Phil Mendelson (D) 42.61%, attorney '98 candidate Beverly J. Wilbourn (D) 29.36%, school board member Dwight E. Singleton (D) 18.51%, community activist Al-Malik Farrakhan (D) 3.98%, Mahdi M. Shabazz (D) 4.51%, write in 1.03%, David A. Catania (R) 92.88%, write in 7.12%, anti-hunger activist Michele Tingling-Clemmons (DC) 80.83, write in 19.17%,
Katherine Deburgh (L), Ahmad Braxton-Jones (I), Antonio D. Dominguez (I), UDC Trustee / think tank president Eugene Dewitt Kinlow (I), Johnny M. Patrick (I), '00 council candidate Chris Ray (I), Kweku Touré (I),
Delegate to Congress, 90.4% in '00, 6th term,
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) 98.28%, write in 1.72% No Republican non-profit exec. dir. / ex-ANC Comm'r. '98 candidate Pat Kidd (I),
Shadow Senator,
Paul Strauss (D) 66.02%, Pete Ross (D) 31.07%, write in 2.91% Norma M. Sasaki (R/WI), Joyce Robinson-Paul (DC) 92.45%, write in 7.55%
Shadow Representative, 74.5% in '00,
Ray Browne (D) 60.52%, Susana Baranano (D) 35.82%, write in 3.66% No Republican Adam Eidinger (DC) 90.11%, write in 9.89%,

1. Key to District of Columbia Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(DC) = D.C. Statehood Green Party
- Affiliated with the Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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