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New York State Board of Elections
2002 New York Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 9/10/02
List of State Parties,
Governor 54% in '98, 2nd term,
St. Comptroller H. Carl McCall (D, WF) 86%, ex-HUD Sec. Andrew Cuomo (D, Lib) 14%, George E. Pataki (R, Cns, Ind), businessman / '94 / '98 nominee B. Thomas "Tom" Golisano (Ind) 52.5%, George E. Pataki (Ind) 47.5%,
George E. Pataki (Cns), businessman B. Thomas "Tom" Golisano (Cns/WI),
developer / '00 Congressional nominee Scott Jeffrey (L), prof. Stanley Aronowitz (G), journalist / ex-teacher Gerald J. Cronin (RtL), ex-HUD Sec. Andrew Cuomo (Lib)?, '98 nominee / Thomas K. Leighton (M), '00 Senate nominee '90 RTL Party nominee / ex-marine Louis P. "Lou" Wein (C), editor / '01 Mayor candidate Martin Koppel (SW),
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov.
businessman Dennis Mehiel (D, WF) 70.7%, ex-HUD official Charlie G. King (D Lib WF) 29.3%, Mary O. Donohue (R, Ind, Cns), businessman Dennis Mehiel (WF), attorney Elon Harpaz (WF),
Mary O. Donohue (Ind) 62.9%, William J. Neild (Ind) 37.1%,
attorney / marijuana activist John F. "Jay" Greco (L), Jennifer Daniels (G), attorney Stasia T. Vogel (RtL), ex-HUD official Charlie G. King (Lib)?, '98 nominee / Thomas Hillgardner (M), Young Socialists leader Arrin Hawkins (SW),
Attorney General,
Eliot L. Spitzer (D, Ind, WF, Lib), ex-State Supreme Court Justice Dora Irizarry (R, Cns), attorney / '98 nominee Dan Conti (L), attorney Mary Jo Long (G), John J. Broderick (RtL),
Comptroller, H. Carl McCall (D) running for Governor,
City Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi (D, WF, Lib) 62.6%, corporate executive William J. "Bill" Mulrow (D, WF) 37.4%, St. AM John J. Faso (R, Ind, Cns), corporate executive William J. "Bill" Mulrow (WF) 55.7%, City Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi (WF) 44.3%,
'00 Congressional nominee Garifalia Christea (RtL) 52.5%, John W. Berry (RtL) 47.5%,
technology consultant James Eisert (L), businessman Howard "Howie" Hawkins (G), City Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi (Lib), writer Jack Willey (SW),
New York Will Lose Two Congressional Districts due to Reapportionment
Plan would have Gilman (R) vs. Kelly (R) and LaFalce (D) vs. Slaughter (D),
1st Congressional District, 55.5% in '00, 1st term,
Southampton College provost Tim Bishop (D, WF), attorney Felicia Gross (D), Felix J. Grucci Jr. (R, Ind, Cns), environmental activist Lorna Salzman (G),
2nd Congressional District, 47.9% in '00, 1st term,
Steve J. Israel (D, Ind, WF), retiring NY firefighter Joseph P. "Joe" Finley (R, Cns, RtL), firefighter John Keenan (G),
3rd Congressional District, 59.6% in '00, 5th term,
Stuart L. Finz (D), Peter T. King (R, Ind, Cns, RtL), businessman / '00 candidate Robert Previdi (R), Janeen DePrima (Lib),
4th Congressional District, 60.6% in '00, 3rd term
Carolyn McCarthy (D, Ind, Lib, WF), ophthalmologist Marilyn F. O'Grady (R, Cns, RtL), ex-U.S. Rep. Dan Frisa (R, Cns), businessman Alan Skorski (R, Cns), ex-D.A. Steve Irace (R, Cns), ophthalmologist Marilyn F. O'Grady (Cns), businessman Alan Skorski (Cns), ex-U.S. Rep. Dan Frisa (Cns), ex-D.A. Steve Irace (Cns),
Tim Derham (G),
5th Congressional District, 67.9% in '00, 10th term
Gary L. Ackerman (D, Ind, WF, Lib), No Republican attorney Perry S. Reich (Cns),
6th Congressional District, unopposed in '00, 3rd term
Gregory W. Meeks (D, Lib, WF) 78.8%, Rey Clarke (D, Ind) 21.2%, No Republican Gregory W. Meeks (Lib, WF), Rey Clarke (Ind), Opportunity to Ballot (G), William Estrada (SW),
7th Congressional District, 71.7% in '00, 2nd term
Joseph Crowley (D, WF), Dennis Coleman (D), Kevin Brawley (R, Cns),
8th Congressional District, 81.2% in '00, 6th term
Jerrold L. Nadler (D, Lib, WF), businessman James "Jim" Farrin (R, Ind), Nicolas Leobold (L), Alan Jay Gerber (Cns), '00 nominee Dan Wentzel (G),
9th Congressional District, 68.4% in '00 2nd term
Anthony D. Weiner (D, Lib, WF), Alfred F. Donohue (R, Cns),
10th Congressional District, 90.1% in '00, 10th term
Edolphus Towns (D, Lib), James Kampil (R, Cns)?,
11th Congressional District, 87.0% in '00, 10th term
Major R. Owens (D, WF), '00 nominee Susan W. Cleary (R, Ind), Alice Gaffney (Cns),
12th Congressional District, 87.1% in '00, 5th term
Nydia M. Velázquez (D, WF), No Republican journalist / actor Joseph Dobrian (L), '00 nominee Cesar Estevez (Cns), Paul Pederson (SW),
13th Congressional District, 64.6% in '00, 3rd term
retired firefighter Arne M. Mattson (D, Lib, WF), Vito J. Fossella (R, Cns, RtL), '96, '98 & '00 nominee Anita Lerman (Ind), Henry J. Bardel (G),
14th Congressional District, 73.9% in '00, 5th term
Carolyn B. Maloney (D, Ind, Lib, WF), book publisher / attorney Jeff Brauer (D) removed from ballot, banker Anton Srdanovic (R, Cns),
15th Congressional District, 91.9% in '00, 16th term,
Charles B. Rangel (D, WF), physician Jessie A. Fields (R, Ind),
16th Congressional District, 95.8% in '00, 7th term
José E. Serrano (D, WF), Frank DellaValle (R, Cns), paralegal Reinaldo Vazquez (Ind)?,
17th Congressional District, 89.7% in '00, 7th term
Eliot L. Engel (D, Lib, WF), Co. Exec. C. Scott Vanderhoef (R, Ind, Cns), Elizabeth Shanklin (G), Arthur L. Gallagher (RtL),
18th Congressional District, 67.2% in '00, 7th term
Nita M. Lowey (D, WF), No Republican '98 Gubernatorial nominee / real estate exec. Michael "Mike" J. Reynolds (RtL),
19th Congressional District, 60.9% in '00 and 4th term for Kelly (R), Benjamin A. Gilman (R) retiring after 15th term, 57.6% in '00
HORIZON Internat'l president Janine M. H. Selendy (D), Sue W. Kelly (R, Ind, Cns), '98 & '00 nominee Christine M. Tighe (RtL), Jonathan Wright (G),
20th Congressional District, 67.9% in '00, 2nd term,
Franz N. Stoppenbach, Jr. (D), John E. Sweeney (R, Cns), activist Margaret Lewis (G),
21st Congressional District, 74.4% in '00, 7th term
Michael R. McNulty (D, Ind, Cns, WF), Charles B. "Chuck" Rosenstein (R),
22nd Congressional District, 62.0% in '00, 5th term
Maurice D. Hinchey (D, Ind, WF, Lib), systems engineer Eric Hall (R, Cns), Steven Greenfield (G), '00 nominee Paul J. Laux (RtL),
23rd Congressional District, 74.3% in '00, 5th term
ex-Norwood Mayor Willard E. Smith (D, Ind)?, John M. McHugh (R, Cns), environmental activist Donald L. Hassig (G)?,
24th Congressional District, 60.5% in '00, 9th term
No Democrat Sherwood L. "Sherry" Boehlert (R) 52.1%, Co. Leg. / Dr. David L. Walrath (R, Cns) 47.9%, '00 Senate nominee / farmer Mark J. Dunau (G), Co. Leg. / Dr. David L. Walrath (Cns), Kathleen M. Peters (RtL),
25th Congressional District, 69.0% in '00, 7th term
Stephanie Polowe Aldersley (D), James T. Walsh (R, Ind, Cns), '00 Democratic nominee Francis J. Gavin (WF), William L. Griffen (G)?, Martin Connor (Lib)?,
26th Congressional District, 69.3% in '00, 2nd term,
Ayesha F. Nariman (D), Thomas M. Reynolds (R, Ind, Cns), Paul E. Fallon (G), Opportunity to Ballot (RtL),
27th Congressional District, 67.1% in '00, 5th term
attorney Peter Crotty (D, WF), Jack Quinn (R, Cns), AmeriCorps volunteer Albert N. LaBruna (G), Thomas Casey (RtL),
28th Congressional District, 65.7% in '00 and 8th term for Slaughter (D),
John J. LaFalce (D) retiring after 14th term, 60.3% in '00
Louise McIntosh Slaughter (D, WF), North Tonawanda City Attorney Henry Wojtaszek (R, Ind, Cns), Opportunity to Ballot (RtL),
29th Congressional District, 77.3% in '00, 8th term,
'00 nominee Kisun J. Peters (D), Amory R. Houghton, Jr. (R, Cns), Rachel Treichler (G), Wendy M. Johnson (RtL),

1. Key to New York Political Parties:
(Cns) = Conservative Party
(C) = Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(Ind) = Independence Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(Lib) = Liberal Party
(M) = Marijuana Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(RtL) = Right to Life Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WF) = Working Families Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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