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South Dakota Secretary of State - Election Information
2002 South Dakota Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 6/4/02, Run-Off: 6/18/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 64% in '98, William J. "Bill" Janklow (R) barred from third term,
ex-SD Univ. pres. / 1994 Lt. Gov. nominee / 1996 congressional candidate / ex-St. Rep. James W. "Jim" Abbott (D) 68.8%, St. Sen. Ron J. Volesky (D) 16.9%, St. Sen. Jim Hutmacher (D) 13.0%, Larouche Supporter Robert Hockett (D) 1.3%, ex-St. Rep. Mike Rounds (R) 44.3%, Att. Gen. Mark Barnett (R) 29.5%, ex-Lt. Gov. Steve Kirby (R) 26.1%, '94 nominee Nathan A. Barton (L),
Senator, 51.3% in '96, 1st term,
Timothy Johnson (D) 94.8%, LaRouche supporter / farmer Herman Eilers (D) 5.2%, U.S. Rep. John R. Thune (R), '96 Congressional nominee Kurt Evans (L),
At-Large Congressional District, 73.4% in '00, 3rd term, John R. Thune (R) running for Senate
attorney Stephanie Herseth (D) 58.2%, ex-FEMA official / '96 nominee Rick Weiland (D) 32.5%, attorney Dick Casey (D) 6.9%, ex-St. Sen. Dennis "Denny" Pierson (D) 2.4%, Gov. William J. "Bill" Janklow (R) 54.9%, ex-St. School Comm'r. / ex-St. Land Comm'r. Tim Amdahl (R) 9.6%, ex-St. Rep. Roger W. Hunt (R) 7.1%, ex-U.S. Rep. / ex-U.S. Sen. Larry Lee Pressler (R) 27.2%, '80 candidate / 2000 AZ Congressional candidate / realtor Bert Tollefson, Jr. (R) 1.2%, retired prison worker Terry Begay (L), LaRouche supporter rancher Ron Wieczorek (I),
2002 South Dakota Statewide Convention Results
Democratic Party Convention:
6/20-22/02, GOP Convention: 6/21/02,
Secretary of State, Joyce Hazeltine (R) running for School Commissioner,
businesswomen Kate Looby (D), election supervisor Chris Nelson (R), state parks & wildlife foundation exec. dir. Susan Edwards (R), ex-co. auditor / realtor Jerralynne Qualm (R),
Attorney General, Mark Barnett (R) running for Governor,
St. Sen. / '02 Governor candidate Ron J. Volesky (D),attorney Michael Moore (D), chief dep. Att. Gen. Larry Long (R), co. State's Attorney John Fitzgerald (R), Co. St. Att. Glenn Brenner (R),
Auditor, Vern Larson (R) running for Treasurer,
St. Treas. Dick Butler (D), SD Assoc. of Co. Official Exec. Dir. Rich Sattgast (R), st. econ. dev. comm'r. Bonnie Bjork (R),
Treasurer, Dick Butler (D) running for Auditor,
Deputy State Treasurer Scott D. McGregor (D), St. Auditor Vern Larson (R),
Public School Commissioner, Curt Johnson (D) running for Public Utilities Comm'r.,
deputy comm'r. Bryce Healy (D), ex-St. Sen. / '98 Senate nominee Alan Aker (R), Sec. of State Joyce Hazeltine (R),

1. Key to South Dakota Political Parties
(D) = Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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