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Tennessee Department of State - Division of Elections
2002 Tennessee Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 8/1/02
List of State Parties,
Governor, 69% in '98, Don Sundquist (R) barred from third term,
ex-Nashville Mayor '94 nominee Phil Bredesen (D) 78.7%, D.A. Randy Nichols (D) 7.4%, state Board of Regents Chancellor Charles Smith (D) 6.4%, Charles V. Brown (D) 3.3%, activist Luther Best (D) 3.0%, Floyd R. Conover (D) 1.2%, write in votes 0.1%, U.S. Rep. William V. "Van" Hilleary (R) 64.2%, ex-St. Rep. James M. "Jim" Henry (R) 30.0%, minister Bob Tripp (R) 3.2%, David Kelley (R) 1.6%, Jessie McDonald (R) 0.9%, write in votes 0.1%, David Gatchell (I), Gabriel A. Givens (I), James E. Herren (I), perennial candidate John Jay Hooker, Jr. (I), store manager Ray Ledford (L), Marivuana Stout Leinoff (I), Basil J. Marceaux (I), Rev. Edwin C. "Ed" Sanders, Jr. (I), Ronald "Ronny" Simmons (I), Francis E. Waldron (I), '00 Senate candidate Robert Watson (I), N.A.I.M. Chief Carl "Two Feathers" Whittaker (I), U.S. Navy Capt. (retired) / ex-Libertarian Charles V. Wilhoit, Jr. (I),
Senator, 61.4% in '96, Fred Thompson (R) retiring after 2nd term,
U.S. Rep. Bob Clement (D) 81.9%, Gary G. Davis (D) 10.1%, Cher A. Hopkey (D) 2.9%, Michael L. Hampstead (D) 2.6%, prof. Alvin M. Strauss (D) 2.4%, write in votes 0.1%, ex-Gov. Lamar Alexander (R) 54.1%, U.S. Rep. Ed Bryant (R) 42.3%, Fed-Ex employee / '00 Democratic candidate Mary Taylor Shelby (R) 1.0%, religious rights activist June Griffin (R) 0.9%, Michael Brent Todd (R) 0.7%, retired IBM engineer James E. "Jim" DuBose (R) 0.7%, Christopher G. Fenner (R) 0.3%, write in votes 0.0%, Wesley M. Baker (I), Kari Stanley Davidson (I), C.L. "Connie" Gammon (Ind), perennial candidate John Jay Hooker, Jr. (I), Harold G. Keplinger (I), Basil J. Marceaux (I),
1st Congressional District, unopposed in '00, 3rd term
write in votes 100% William L. "Bill" Jenkins (R) 88.1%, Larry P. Edgell (R) 11.8%, write in votes 0.1%,
2nd Congressional District, 89.3% in '00, 8th term
John Greene (D) 100%, John J. Duncan, Jr. (R) 91.9%, retired minister Jim Pendergrass (R) 8.1%, Joshua A. Williamson (L), '98 candidate George Njezic (I),
3rd Congressional District, 63.9% in '00, 4th term,
John Wolfe (D) 66.1%, John Norman E. Knott, Jr. (D) 33.5%, write in votes 0.4%, Zach Wamp (R) 99.4%, write in votes 0.6%, William "Bill" Boden (L), Timothy A. Sevier (I),
4th Congressional District, 65.9% in '00, 4th term, William V. "Van" Hilleary (R) running for Gov.
St. Sen. Lincoln Davis (D) 57.2%, retired executive Fran F. Marcum (D) 42.8%, write in votes 0.0%, alderman Janice H. Bowling (R) 37.1%, St. Safety Comm'r. Mike Greene (R) 24.5%, restaurant owner Andy Ogles (R) 14.7%, attorney John R. Bumpus (R) 12.8%, pilot Mike Coffield (R) 8.9%, Harvey Howard (R) 1.9%, write in votes 0.0%, William Tharon Chandler (I), '98 write in candidate Robert Harry Mason, Jr. (I), John Ray (I), Ed Wellmann (I),
5th Congressional District, 72.7% in '00, Bob Clement (D) running for U.S. Senate after 8th term,
ex-U.S. Rep. / '94 Senate nominee James H. "Jim" Cooper (D) 45.1%, St. Rep. John Arriola (D) 26.4%, Sheriff Gayle Ray (D) 22.3%, lobbyist David C. Mills (D) 2.4%, social worker Carlton Cornett (D) 1.6%, Vice Mayor Ronnie Steine (D) 1.2% after withdrawing, engineer Adam Cox (D) 0.9%, write in votes 0.0%, city councilman David Briley (D) withdrew Robert Duvall (R) 45.6%, attorney Thomas W. Lawless (R) 22.6%, account executive Kevin Wilkinson (R) 21.7%, retired teacher Remo Circo (R) 7.7%, '92 candidate Ben J. Tomeo (R) 2.2%, write in votes 0.1%, professor Jonathan Farley (G), perennial candidate John Jay Hooker, Jr. (I), Jesse Turner (I),
6th Congressional District, 62.2% in '00, 9th term,
Bart Gordon (D) 91.6%, Harvey Howard (D) 8.3%, write in votes 0.1%, Robert L. Garrison (R) 99.6%, write in votes 0.4%, '00 Congressional candidate Jerome Patrick Lyons (I),
7th Congressional District, 69.6% in '00, Ed Bryant (R) running for U.S. Senate after 4th term,
truck driver / Tim Barron (D) 70.9%, FedEx employee Omer R. Hayden (D) 29.0%, write in votes 0.0%, '92 nominee / St. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) 39.9%, attorney / '00 Bush TN campaign manager David Kustoff (R) 20.4%, City councilmember Brent Taylor (R) 15.7%, St. Sen. Mark Norris (R) 14.6%, attorney / ex-army ranger N. B. Forrest Shoaf (R) 8.0%, ex-Lakeland vice Mayor / physician Lupo "Sonny" Carlota (R) 0.7%, truck driver / farmer Randy Starkey (R) 0.7%, write in votes 0.0%, Richard "Rick" Patterson (L),
8th Congressional District, 72.3% in '00, 7th term,
John S. Tanner (D) 86.7%, retired principal Richard Ward (D) 13.3%, write in votes 0.0%, Mat McClain (R) 56.5%, William A. "Bill" Warren (R) 43.5%, write in votes 0.0%, James L. Hart (I),
9th Congressional District, unopposed in '00, 3rd term,
Harold E. Ford Jr. (D), write in votes 100% Tony Rush (I),

1. Key to Tennessee Political Parties

(D) = Democratic Party
(Ind) = Tennessee Independent Party
- affiliated with Independent American Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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