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Iowa Secretary of State - Elections
2004 Iowa Congressional and Statewide Races
Presidential Caucus: 1/19/04, Filing Deadline: 3/19/04, Primary: 6/8/04, Independent & Presidential Filing Deadline: 8/13/04,
Last Updated: December 24, 2004
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties,
President, 48.2% in '00, 1st term, Current Polls
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Kerry, Cook Political Report: Toss Up, Washington Post: Battleground State, Washington Times: Battleground, John Zogby: Kerry, Campaign & Elections: Oddsmaker: 1:1
U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry (D) 49.2%, George W. Bush (R) 49.9%, Ralph Nader (I) 0.4%,
Michael Badnarik (L) 0.2%,
Mike Peroutka (C) 0.09%,
David Cobb (G) 0.07%,
James Harris (SW) 0.02%,
Bill Van Auken (SE) 0.01%,
write in votes 0.1%
Senator, 68.4% in '98, 4th term, Next election in 2004, Current Polls
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Republican, Cook Political Report: Solid Republican, Larry Sabato: Solid Republican, New York Times: Remains Republican, Congressional Quarterly: Safe Republican, Campaign & Elections: Oddsmaker: 8:1 Republican,
ex-St. Sen. Art Small (D) 27.9%, Charles E. Grassley (R) 70.2%, Fairfield Town Councilmember / '02 Auditor nominee Christy Ann Welty (L) 1.0%,
insurance co. employee / college student Daryl Northrop (G) 0.7%,
Edwin Fruit (SW) 0.1%,
write in votes 0.03%,
1st Congressional District, 57.2% in '02, 7th term, might run for Governor
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Republican, Campaign & Election's Odds: 3:2 Republican, Cook Political Report: Likely Republican,
ex-St. Sen. / '82 nominee realtor Bill Gluba (D) 43.3%, Jim Nussle (R) 55.1%, state party chair Mark Nelson (L) 0.9%,
ex-teacher '02 & '04 Democratic candidate Denny Heath (I) 0.6%,
write in votes 0.03%,
2nd Congressional District, 52.2% in '02, 14th term
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Republican, Campaign & Election's Odds: 9:7 Republican, Cook Political Report: Likely Republican,
school board member Dave Franker (D) 39.1%, James A. "Jim" Leach (R) 58.9%, '02 nominee / pharmacist Kevin Litten (L) 1.9%,
write in votes 0.1%,
3rd Congressional District, 53.4% in '02, 4rd term
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Democratic, Campaign & Election's Odds: 3:2 Democrat, Cook Political Report: Leans Democratic, Hotline: Sleeper,
Leonard L. Boswell (D) 55.2%, '02 nominee / attorney Stan Thompson (R) 44.8%, write in votes 0.1%,
4th Congressional District, 54.8% in '02, 5th term
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Republican, Campaign & Election's Odds: 3:2 Republican,
ex-St. Rep. Paul Johnson (D) 39.0%, Tom Latham (R) 61.0%, write in votes 0.05%,
5th Congressional District, 62.1% in '02, 1st term
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Republican, Campaign & Election's Odds: 3:1 Republican,
psychologist E. Joyce Schulte (D) 36.6%, Steve King (R) 63.4%, write in votes 0.06%, army vet. Jeremy Oehlert (L/WI),

1. Link to Predictions:
D.C.'s Political Report,
Campaign & Elections: Political Oddsmaker
Cook Political Report,
Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball,
John Zogby,

2. D.C.'s Political Report's stars indicate the rating of the race from 1 star to 5 stars depending on its entertainment value.
The color indicates D.C.'s Political Report's prediction of the winning party.
= Democrat retain control, = Democrats take over control,
= Republican retain control, = Republicans take over control,
= Independent / 3rd Party retains control, = Independent / 3rd Party take over control
Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races.
Light Blue boxes indicates Democrats maintained control. Light Red boxes indicates Republicans maintained control.
Blue boxes indicates Democrats took control. Red boxes indicates Republicans took control.

3. Key to Iowa Political Parties:
(C) = Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SE) = Socialist Equality Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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