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Illinois State Board of Elections
2004 Illinois Presidential and Congressional Primary Results
Filing Deadline: 12/15/03, Primary Withdrawal Deadline: 12/22/03, Nomination Deadline: 1/5/04, Presidential Primary Filing Deadline: 1/14/04, Presidential Withdrawal Deadline: 2/2/04, Write-in Deadline: 3/9/04, Primary: 3/16/04, Presidential Primary: 3/16/04, Filing Deadline for major parties: 5/17/04, Filing Deadline for 3rd parties / Independents: 6/21/04, Presidential Filing Deadline: 6/21/04, Replacement Nominee Deadline: 8/26/04, Withdrawal Deadline: 9/2/04, write-in deadline: 10/26/04,
Last Updated: March 16, 2004
List of State Parties,
President, 42.6% in '00, 1st term, Polls
U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry (D) 71.8%,
U.S. Sen. John R. Edwards (D) 10.9%, ex-U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (D) 4.4%, ex-Gov. Howard Dean (D) 3.9%, Rev. Alfred C. "Al" Sharpton (D) 3.0%, U.S. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D) 2.3%, U.S. Sen. Joseph L. Lieberman (D) 1.9%, ex-NATO commander General Wesley K. Clark (retired) (D) 1.6%, '00 candidate / Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (D) 0.3%,
George W. "Dubya" Bush (R)
Senator, 50.3% in '98, Peter G. Fitzgerald (R) retiring after 1st term, Next electon in 2004, Polls
St. Sen. Barack Obama (D) 52.7%,
St. Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes (D) 23.7%, investment banker M. Blair Hull (D) 10.8%, Cook Co. Treas. Maria Pappas (D) 6.0%, ex-Chicago Public School Board President Gery Chico (D) 4.3%, ex-tv host Nancy Skinner (D) 1.3%, health exec. / '02 Lt. Gov. candidate Joyce Washington (D) 1.1%, community activist Estella Johnson-Hunt (D/WI),
financial adviser Jack Ryan (R) 35.5%,
businessman / '02 candidate James D. "Jim" Oberweis (R) 23.5%, St. Sen. Steven J. Rauschenberger (R) 20.0%, Schwarz Paper Co. pres. Andrew J. "Andy" McKenna, Jr. (R) 14.7%, ex-St. Rep. Jonathan Wright (R) 2.6%, retired Air Force Gen John L. Borling (R) 2.0%, ins. exec. Norm Hill (R) 0.9%, physican Chirinjeev Kathuria (R) 0.8%,
teacher Jerry Kohn (L)?,
attorney Scott Summers (G),
Albert J. Franzen (I),
1st Congressional District, 81.2% in '02, 6th term
Bobby L. Rush (D), clown / '95 Chicago Mayor nominee / '00 & '02 nominee Raymond G. "Ray" Wardingley (R),
2nd Congressional District, 82.3% in '02, 5th term
Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D) 88.6%,
ex-U.S. Rep. Melvin J. "Mel" Reynolds (D) 5.9%, pastor Anthony W. Williams (D) 4.3%, retiree Everett Drayden Shumpert (D) 1.3%,
No Republican?
3rd Congressional District, unopposed in '02, 11th term
William O. "Bill" Lipinski (D), Ryan Chlada (R),
4th Congressional District, 79.7% in '02, 6th term
Luis V. Gutierrez (D), '02 nominee Tony Cisneros (R), Jake Witmer (L),
5th Congressional District, 66.8% in '02, 1st term
Rahm Emanuel (D) 83.2%,
salesman Mark Arnold Fredrickson (D) 16.8%,
Bruce Best (R), realtor / ex-Co. Comm'r. Nick Libert (I),
6th Congressional District, 65.1% in '02, 15th term
investment exec. Christine Cegelis (D) 64.3%,
railroad worker / navy veteran Tom Berry (D) 35.7%,
Henry J. Hyde (R),
7th Congressional District, 83.2% in '02, 4rd term
Danny K. Davis (D) 82.2%,
attorney Anita Rivkin-Carothers (D) 14.7%, political consultant / '00 GOP nominee / '02 GOP candidate Robert Dallas (D) 3.1%,
investment executive Antonio Davis-Fairman (R),
8th Congressional District, 57.4% in '02, 18th term
'02 nominee / business consultant Melissa Bean (D) 78.1%,
attorney William C. "Bill" Scheurer (D) 21.9%,
Philip M. Crane (R) 68.7%,
attorney David W. Phelps (R) 31.3%,
realtor / insurance agent / engineer / '02 nominee Chuck Kelecic (L),
9th Congressional District, 70.3% in '02, 3rd term
Janice D. "Jan" Schakowsky (D), No Republican?
10th Congressional District, 68.8% in '02, 2nd term
mediator Lee Goodman (D), Mark Steven Kirk (R),
11th Congressional District, 64.3% in '02, 5th term
County Board member Tari Renner (D), Gerald C. "Jerry" Weller (R),
12th Congressional District, 69.2% in '02, 9th term
Jerry F. Costello (D) 90.0%,
contractor Kenneth Charles Wiezer (D) 10.0%,
attorney Erin R. Zeigart (R), ex-ins. broker Brian K. Meyer (M)?,
13th Congressional District, 70.3% in '02, 3rd term
Gloria Schor Andersen (D), Judy Biggert (R),
14th Congressional District, 74.1% in '02, 9th term
No Democrat? J. Dennis Hastert (R),
15th Congressional District, 65.2% in '02, 2nd term
Dr. David Gill (D) 73.7%,
Co. Comm'r. Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr. (D) 26.3%,
Timothy V. "Tim" Johnson (R),
16th Congressional District, 70.6% in '02, 6th term
industrial designer / '02 nominee / John Kutsch (D), Donald A. Manzullo (R),
17th Congressional District, 62.4% in '02, 11th term
Lane A. Evans (D), ex-news anchor Andrea Lane Zinga (R),
18th Congressional District, unopposed in '02, 5th term,
ex-Nat'l Gaurdman Steve Waterworth (D), Ray Lahood (R), activist Richard J. Rawlings (M),
19th Congressional District, 54.8% in '02, 4th term
internet publisher Tim Bagwell (D), John M. Shimkus (R),

1. Key to Illinois Political Parties:
(A1) = America First Party
(AR) = American Reform Party
(C) = Constitution Party
(Com) = Communist Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Ind) = Independence Party
(IA) = Independent American Party
(Labor) = Labor Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(M) = Marijuana Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(N) = New Party
(P) = Patriot Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(S) = Socialist Party
(SL) = Socialist Labor Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WW) = Workers World Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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