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Maryland State Board of Elections
2004 Maryland Presidential and Congressional Primary Results
Filing Deadline: 12/22/03, Presidential Primary Filing Deadline: 1/9/04, Presidential Primary: 3/2/04, Primary: 3/2/04, New Party & Independent Filing Deadline: 8/2/04, Presidential Filing Deadline: 8/2/04, Nomination Deadline: 8/24/04, Write-in Deadline: 10/27/04,
Last Updated: February 27, 2004
List of State Parties
President, 40.2% in '00, 1st term, Polls
U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry (D) 59.5%,
U.S. Sen. John R. Edwards (D) 25.8%, Rev. Alfred C. "Al" Sharpton (D) 4.4%, ex-Gov. Howard Dean (D) 2.5%, U.S. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D) 1.8%, uncommitted 1.8%, U.S. Sen. Joseph L. Lieberman (D) 1.1%, ex-NATO commander General Wesley K. Clark (retired) (D) 0.9%, Morgan State business school assistant dean Mildred Williams Glover (D) 0.8%, ex-U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (D) 0.6%, U.S. Rep. Richard A. "Dick" Gephardt (D) 0.4%, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (D) 0.3%,
George W. "Dubya" Bush (R) Green Party Nominee
Constitution Party Nominee
Barbara A. Mikulski (D) 89.8%, community activist / '02 Congressional candidate A. Robert Kaufman (D) 7.1%, '00 Senate candidate / '90 Congressional candidate Sidney Altman (D) 3.1%, St. Sen. Edward "E.J." Pipkin (R) 50.8%,
John Stafford (R) 10.5%, Eileen "Cookie Baker" Martin (R) 8.4%, Dorothy Corry Jennings (R) 7.4%, Earl S. Gordon (R) 5.9%, consultant Gene Zarwell (R) 4.9%, storage yard owner Ray Bly (R) 4.5%, James A. Kodak (R) 3.8%, activist Corrogan R. Vaughn (R) 3.7%,
1st Congressional District
activist / '02 nominee Ann D. Tamlyn (D) 36.2%, Kostas Alexakis (D) 25.9%, public health prof. / '96 nominee Steven R. Eastaugh (D) 19.7%, civil engineer / Chesapeake City Councilman Harry E. Sampson (D) 18.1%, Wayne T. Gilchrest (R) 61.6%, St. Sen. Richard F. Colburn (R) 38.4%,
2nd Congressional District
C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D), activist Jane Brooks (R) 52.3%, consultant / attorney Dave Harvilicz (R) 27.2%, energy transmission supervisor Michael J. Littleton (R) 20.6%,
3rd Congressional District
Benjamin L. "Ben" Cardin (D) 89.8%, '00 & '02 candidate / computer salesman John Rea (D) 10.2%, County Clerk Robert P. "Bob" Duckworth (R) 78.1%, minister / truck driver Rick Hoover (R) 14.0%, math teacher Armand F. Girard (R) 7.9%,
4th Congressional District
Albert R. Wynn (D) 83.2%, businessman George E. McDermott (D) 16.8%, businessman John R. McKinnis II (R) 33.1%,
ex-Ass't. US Surgeon General Roscoe M. Moore, Jr. (R) 22.0%, '96 / '98 / '00 / '02 nominee / animal behaviorist John B. Kimble (R) 16.0%, security analyst Patrick A. Schaeffer, Jr. (R) 10.9%, attorney William R. "Bill" Bernetich (R) 9.7%, businessman / '02 candidate Floyd W. Anderson, Jr. (R) 8.4%,
5th Congressional District
Steny H. Hoyer (D), ex-Berwyn Heights Mayor Bradley "Brad" Jewitt (R) 37.6%, business consultant / '02 nominee Joseph T. "Joe" Crawford (R) 33.9%, businessman Patrick Edward Flaherty (R) 28.5%,
6th Congressional District
farmer / retired Air Force Major / '98 & '00 nominee / '02 Congressional candidate Kenneth T. Bosley (D) 23.0%,
businessman Rodney D. Fox (D) 20.0%, accountant / '02 candidate Kevin M. Shaffer (D) 17.0%, masonry contractor James Daniel Benson (D) 16.4%, ex-lobbyist / attorney Richard Nacewicz (D) 14.6%, part-time mover Ty Unglebower (D) 6.0%, MD Legal Service Corp. exec. dir. Robert J. Rhudy (D) stopped campaigning 2.9%,
Roscoe G. Bartlett (R) 70.2%, state's attorney Scott Rolle (R) 29.8%, Bradford Wayne Albright (G),
7th Congressional District
Elijah E. Cummings (D) 91.4%, businessman Charles Curtis McPeek, Sr. (D) 8.6%, attorney Tony Salazar (R) 52.8%,
computer instructor / '02 nominee Joseph E. Ward (R) 42.5%, social service dept. employee Almaajid Muhammad El (R) 4.7%,
8th Congressional District
Christopher Van Hollen, Jr. (D) 91.2%, attorney / '00 & '02 candidate Deborah A. Vollmer (D) 6.4%, economist / '00 Congressional candidate / '02 St. Comptroller candidate Lih Y. Young (D) 2.4%, ex-US State Dept. official Charles "Chuck" Floyd (R) 57.3%,
attorney / ex-St. Del. Robin Ficker (R) 27.7%, nonprofit worker Steve Rosen (R) 14.9%,

1. Key to Maryland Political Parties:
(A1) = America First Party
(Pagan) = American Pagan Party
(AR) = American Reform Party
(Com) = Communist Party
(C) = Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Labor) = Labor Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(M) = Marijuana Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(Pr) = Progressive Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(S) = Socialist Party
(South) = Southern Party
(SIP) = Maryland South Party
(UA) = Utopian Anarchist Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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