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Minnesota Secretary of State - Elections
2002 Minnesota Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 9/10/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 37% in '98, Jesse "The Body" Ventura (Ind) retiring after 1st term,
St. Sen. / '98 Lt. Gov. nominee Roger D. Moe (DFL) 88.8%, '00 senate write in candidate / artist Oloveuse Scorpio "Ole" Savior (DFL) 11.2%, St. Rep. / Maj. Ldr. Tim Pawlenty (R) 88.6%, '00 Senate Candidate environmental activist Leslie Davis (R) 11.4%, ex-DFLer / ex-U.S. Rep. Timothy J. "Tim" Penny (Ind) 95.7%, retiree / '00 GOP Senate candidate Bill Dahn (Ind) 4.3%,
'98 nominee Ken Pentel (G) 85.7%, Richard A. Klatte (G) 14.3%,
Lawrence Michael Aeshliman (C), '00 NJ Congressional candidate Kari J. Sachs (SW), youth ministry exec. dir. Booker T. Hodges (I),
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov., Mae Schunk (Ind) retiring,
Congressional daughter / St. Sen. Julie A. Sabo (DFL) 88.8%, Doug Lalone (DFL) 11.2%, St. Rep. Carol Molnau (R) 88.6%, editorial cartoonist Pete Wagner (R) 11.4%, St. Sen. Martha R. Robertson (Ind) 95.7%, Rome D. Hanson (Ind) 4.3%,
'98 nominee Rhoda Gilman (G) 85.7%, Mark Allan Hanson (G) 14.3%,
Tamara Ann Houle (C), Samuel F. Farley (SW), financial advisor Kamal B. Buchanan (I),
Attorney General,
Mike Hatch (DFL), attorney Tom Kelly (R) 68.8%, Sharon Anderson (R) 31.2%, attorney Dale Nathan (Ind) 54.0%, attorney Dick Bullock (Ind) 46.0%,
Secretary of State,
VP grandson Hubert H. "Buck" Humphrey, IV (DFL), Mary Kiffmeyer (R), ex-college prof. Dean Alger (Ind), librarian / computer programmer Andrew S. Koebrick (G),
Auditor, switched parties from GOP to Democratic-Farm-Labor, Next election in 2002, Judith Dutcher (DFL) ran for Governor
St. Treasurer Carol Johnson (DFL) 51.5%, St. Rep. Gregory Gray (DFL) 36.0%, Gregg A. Iverson (DFL) 12.5%, Mayor Patricia Anderson Awada (R) 75.5%, Jual Carlos Carlson (R) 24.6%, Dave Hutcheson (Ind) 50.5%, Todd Paulson (Ind) 49.5%,
community college instructor Dave Berger (G),
Senator 50.4% in '96, 2nd term,
Paul Wellstone (DFL) 92.6%, 2000 candidate / ex-city councilman candidate Richard "Dick" Franson (DFL) 4.9%, Alve Erickson (DFL) 2.5%, St. Paul Mayor / '98 Gov. nominee Norm Coleman (R) 94.4%, Jack Shepard (R) 5.6%, Jim Moore (Ind) 49.4%, William McGaughey (Ind) 31.0%, Ronald E. Wills (Ind) 19.6%,
Ray Tricomo (G) 57.25%, attorney / Native American activist Ed McGaa (G) 42.75%,
Miro Drago Kovatchevich (C),
1st Congressional District, 56.4% in '00, 4th term,
ex-NSC member Steve Andreasen (DFL), Gil Gutknecht Jr. (R), Greg Mikkelson (G),
2nd Congressional District, 49.6% in '00, 4th term
William P. "Bill" Luther (DFL, Ind, G), retired Marine / '98 & '00 6th District nominee John Kline (R), Samuel D. Garst (NNT),
3rd Congressional District, 67.6% in '00, 6th term
businessman / '00 candidate Darryl Tyree Stanton (DFL), Jim Ramstad (R),
4th Congressional District, 48.0% in '00, 1st term
Betty McCollum (DFL), prof. Clyde Billington (R), Scott J. Raskiewicz (G),
5th Congressional District, 69.2% in '00, 12th term,
Martin Olav Sabo (DFL), Daniel Nielsen Mathias (R), '96 Grassroots Party Senate nominee Tim Davis (G), Rose Engstrom (SW/WI),
6th Congressional District, 48.10% in '00, 1st term,
Oak Park Heights Councilwoman Janet Robert (DFL), Mark R. Kennedy (R), chemical dependency counselor Dan Becker (Ind),
7th Congressional District, 68.7% in '00, 6th term,
Collin C. Peterson (DFL), St. Sen. Dan Stevens (R),
8th Congressional District, 67.9% in '00, 14th term
James L. Oberstar (DFL), '00 nominee / ex-St. Rep. / writer Bob Lemen (R) 50.55%, Warren L. Nelson (R) 49.45%,

1. Key to Minnesota Political Parties:
(C) = Constitution Party
(DFL) = Democratic Farm Labor Party
- Affiliated with the Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Ind) = Independence Party
(NNT) = No New Taxes Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party

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