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California Secretary of State - Elections Division
2005 California Special Congressional Election
2005 Los Angeles Mayor Results

Special Election in the 5th Congressional District Filing Deadline: January 24, 2005, Special Election Primary: March 8, 2005, Special Election for 5th Congressional Distrist: May 3, 2005,
Special Election in the 48th Congressional District Filing Deadline: September 24, 2005, Special Election Primary for 48th Congressional District: 10/4/05, Special Election for the 48th Congressional District: 12/6/05,
Last Updated: March 8, 2005
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties,
Mayor of the City of Los Angeles (Non Partisan), 53.5% in 2001, next election in 2005, Polls
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Democratic,
Councilmember '01 candidate Antonio R. Villaraigosa (D) 32.92%, James Kenneth "Jim" Hahn (D) 23.72%, ex-Assembly Speaker Robert "Bob" Hertzberg (D) 22.23%, ex-police chief / councilmember Bernard C. Parks (D) 13.36%, St. Sen. Richard Alarcon (D) 3.6%, attorney Walter Moore (R) 2.77%, meatpacker / '98 NY Att. Gen. write in candidate Wendy Lyons (SW) 0.47%, senior citizen advocate Addie M. Miller (I) 0.32%, artist / state employee Martin Luther King Aubrey, Sr. (I) 0.21%, '04 presidential candidate / businessman Bill Wyatt (R) 0.19%, Bruce Harry Darian (F) 0.13%, news paper publisher Ted Crisell (D) 0.09%,
5th Congressional District, 71.4% in '04, Robert T. Matsui (D) died 1/2/04 before starting his 14th term
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Democratic, Cook Political Report: Likely Democrat,
widow / ex- White House liason Doris Matsui (D) 69.1%, ex-Gov. aide John Thomas Flynn (R) 7.56%, business consultant Serge Chernay (R) 4.28%, investment banker Patrick Michael O'Brien (R) 3.14%, ex-Kings ball boy / attorney Sheland "Shane" Singh (R) 2.1%, electrical technician Bruce Stevens (R) 1.33%, '04 nominee / software developer Pat Driscoll (G) 1.19%,
ex-Green Party member / law school dean Julie Padilla (D) 8.45%, case hearing representative / '98, '02 & '03 Gov. candidate Charles Chuck Pineda, Jr. (D) 0.8%, '03 Governor recall candidate / bail bondsman J. Leonard Padilla (I) 1.14%,
college instructional assistant Gale Morgan (L) 0.57%,
potter / '04 nominee peace activist / John C. Reiger (PF) 0.3%,
write in votes 0.11%
48th Congressional District, 65.0% in '04, 9th term, Christopher "Chris" Cox (R) nominated to S.E.C.
Special Election Primary: 10/4/05, Special Election: 12/6/05
D.C.'s Political Report's Rating: Republican, Cook Political Report: Solid Republican,
attorney Steve Young (D) 8.7%,
professor / '00, '02 & '04 nominee John L. Graham (D) 4.0%, teacher / 2000 St. Assembly candidate Beatrice I. "Bea" Foster (D) 3.2%, consultant Tom Pallow (D) 0.3%,
St. Sen. John Campbell (R) 45.5%,
ex-AM Marilyn C. Brewer (R) 17.1%, '00 candidate physician Don A. Udall (R) 1.6%, ex-Tustin Councilman John Kelly (R) 1.2%, dentist David R. Crouch (R) 0.6%, lawyer Scott MacCabe (R) 0.4%, realtor Masha A. Morris (R) 0.4%, attorney Guy E. Mailly (R) 0.2%, businessman Marshall Samuel Sanders (R) 0.1%, businessman Edward A. Suppe (R) 0.1%,
Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist (AI) 14.8%,
teacher Béa Tirtilli (G) 0.9%,
realtor Bruce D. Cohen (L) 0.8%,
Delecia Holt (R/WI) 0.0%, Steven Wesley Blake (R/WI) 0.0%, D. Bruce Smith (WI) 0.0%,

1. Link to Predictions:
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2. D.C.'s Political Report's stars indicate the rating of the race from 1 star to 5 stars depending on its entertainment value.
The color indicates D.C.'s Political Report's prediction of the winning party.
= Democrat retain control, = Democrats take over control,
= Republican retain control, = Republicans take over control,
= Independent / 3rd Party retains control, = Independent / 3rd Party take over control
Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races.
Light Blue boxes indicates Democrats maintained control. Light Red boxes indicates Republicans maintained control.
Blue boxes indicates Democrats took control. Red boxes indicates Republicans took control.

3. Key to California Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(F) = Federalist Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(P&F) = Peace and Freedom Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SW)= Socialist Workers Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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